Quotes from “Quench Not The Spirit”

Quench not the Spirit book

I love how God introduces me to books. This morning as I was wondering if I am writing too much about ekklesia (participatory Spirit-led worship meetings based on 1 Corinthians 14:26) I saw a huge stack of books someone had left for me in my office. I randomly picked one up called Quench Not the Spirit by Myron Augsburger and began to read it. Although it was published in 1961, it beautifully matches what I am hearing in 2016. Check out these quotations from it:

“The Holy Spirit is God’s means of manifesting the lordship of Christ over contemporary believers.”

“We need to discover how to say, ‘It seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us.’ Instead of this New Testament pattern we have the order reversed. We plan our program and then ask divine blessings upon our plans.”

“There is a great need in these days of apostasy for spiritual discernment. We need to discern how the Spirit of God is leading. In these times we must have a ‘word from the Lord,’ a prophetic voice, forthtelling, making the Gospel relevant in today’s situation.”

“We are just as filled with the Spirit as we want to be.”

“Whenever the church magnifies its program above the person of Christ and its platform above the power of the Spirit, it has sinned against the work of Christ.”

“One resists the Spirit when he refuses to exchange human opinions for heaven sent convictions.”

One resists the Spirit when he rejects new insights in the Word because it is contrary to ‘what we’ve always thought.'”

“How often Christians have failed to follow the Spirit, and have not distinguished between their cultural practices and Christian principles, thus hindering the Spirit from leading them in some further spiritual conquest.”

“We resist the Spirit when we are satisfied with the status quo.”

“Resisting the Spirit is committed when we withstand His perfecting that we might uphold our own program.”

“Only a life of true yieldedness, with a dying out to self, will result in a proper relation to the Holy Spirit.”

“Do not suppress or subdue expressions of the Spirit in your fellowship. The word ‘quench’ literally means to ‘choke out,’ to suppress or subdue. Far too often our programs choke out the Spirit’s prompting.”

“The church is the habitation of the Spirit and is to be directed by the Spirit.”

“Far too often the Spirit is quenched because men are not open to His leading.”

“Due to fear of man we safeguard the status quo and quench the Spirit.”

“Lukewarm Christians are evidence of the sin of ‘choking out’ the voice of the Spirit. No church fellowship can grow spiritually where the Spirit of God is not honored as its very life. When the lives of Christians are lukewarm and carnal, rather than dedicated and holy, it is evident that the Spirit is being quenched. Such a church is in need of a deep moving of the Spirit of God in a Biblical revival.”

“We are so accustomed to organization that we fail to recognize inspiration. We revere men of the past who spoke prophetically, but we regard contemporary voices for revival as beneath our level of dignity.”

“The church will profit only by spiritual leadership, not by leadership of the majority vote.”

“A church will die if it emphasizes conformity to authorities within the church to the exclusion of originality that the Spirit’s anointing would produce through various individuals.”

“Many believers have a prolonged spiritual infancy because they have long quenched the Spirit in suppressing His voice.”

“The sin of suppressing the Spirit’s insights rather than surrendering to them has robbed many a professing Christian of joy in the world.”

“Quenching the Spirit is a sin marked by complacency, indifference, and being satisfied with the satus quo.”

“The work of the Holy Spirit is to make Christ Head of His church in a practical way. The church of the Twentieth Century needs to let Christ be Head, and honestly surrender to His lordship.”

“One of the sins within the church is that of displacing the Spirit who would lead the church.”

“We displace the Spirit when we give more attention to the will of man than to the mind of Christ.”

“We displace the Spirit when we ignore what He is doing through the group.”

“We displace the Spirit when we seek to manipulate people rather than aid the Spirit in bringing them to spiritual insight. We displace the Spirit when we are satisfied with a church that is ‘in order.'”

“Only by placing the Spirit at the center of the church and at the center of the individual’s life can we develop true spirituality. Only by the Spirit’s work can we answer our problems of carnality and worldliness, sensuality and secularism, criticisms and contentions, indifference and intolerance, luke-warmness and legalism, intellectual sophistication and individual snobbishness.”

“The Spirit is displaced when, boasting a so-called liberty in Christ, one prides himself in being progressive enough to adapt Christianity to the modern mind.”

“To organize, legislate, and pass actions in accordance with what is most advantageous to our mind-set rather than consciously to seek the mind of the Spirit is sin.”

“If the churches of our day would give more time to testimony than to a tirade of admonitions, persons might be more readily convinced of the value of faith.”

“We need to trust more in the presence and power of the Spirit and less in the pressures of the flesh. The church in the Twentieth Century is weak and worldly. We need a return to New Testament spirituality that will go beyond anything we see today in the professing church.”

“As a Christian one ought to be thrilled to share in the body of Christ and be anxious to express his Christianity in the group of his fellowship.”

“In contrast to manipulating people, the Spirit works by inner conviction.”

“The ability to make the Gospel relevant today is not something which comes by human insight, but rather by divine unction.”

“We need a church that is virile and victorious, definite and dynamic, transforming and triumphant. A dying church is one that cannot save its own.”

If you read my new book Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible–Ekklesia you will think that I based it on these quotes. However, it was finished and published in December 2015 and I just found these quotes today. Check it out here.




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