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Jesus? Active or inactive?

An inactive Jesus must be explained by sermons, but the living Jesus wants to actively demonstrate His presence. Shall we let Him? A tightly programmed and controlled church service reveals unbelief in the ability of the active Jesus to personally … Continue reading

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Learn to be God’s Spirit-led marionette

Jesus is the puppeteer and Christians are the puppets. We need to let Him and Him alone pull our strings! Let the risen Jesus be your invisible puppeteer all day long! To successfully navigate the jungle of this life, learn … Continue reading

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Hey there! Heightened awareness is calling

Stop and be awareOf what’s inYour mind and heart.Is what’s thereTaking you whereYou need to go? What you chooseTo be aware ofCan either abuseOr enthuse.It can tear you apartOr fill you with joy. Hey there.Now I have your attentionAnd you’re … Continue reading

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Excuses have no good uses

Excuses are a popular type of denial. A happy life can’t be built on a foundation of excuses. Make hope, not excuses. We think excuses protect our pride, but all they really do is hide our hope. An honest confession … Continue reading

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God’s route is Spirit-led

Christianity’s about Jesus and being led by His Spirit. Anyone or anything that gets more of your attention than Jesus blocks the way. Every Christian needs to learn to be led by God’s Spirit. There’s nothing routine about being Spirit-led! … Continue reading

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Discouraged? Enjoy some insight-delight!

Insight-delight ignites joy. When you begin to rejoice in what God shows you, you’ll be happy. One moment of insight-delight is more powerful than many years of hearing sermons. Too many Christians lack insight-delight. They haven’t personally received thrilling revelation … Continue reading

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Church members matter . . .

Church members matter.They’re not ornamentsIn an audience.They should meet to bePart of Christ’s bodyDirected by Him,Led by Gods Spirit,Hearing what He saysAnd then doing it. Let’s forget about self and comfort. Let’s focus instead on letting Christ live in and … Continue reading

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Christianity is about individuals, not clones in religious institutions

Until we gather with and spiritually connect with Christ-transformed individuals, there will be little unity among Christians. When Christ-transformed individuals recognize each other there’s an instant sense of kinship and community. I sold black history books during college summers and … Continue reading

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A ground-breaking wake-up thought this morning

As soon as I woke up this morning, I wrote this on a slip of paper: (“If Christ is in you, He’s not just there passively. He’s there actively working in you.”) That was ground-breaking in my consciousness. Now, after … Continue reading

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When the Cultivator cultivates human heart-soil

Trust GodTo cultivateYour heart.Let Him pullThe weeds outBefore they startTo overrun you! When weedsAre allowedTo run wildIn your heartPeace and joyDepart. For life-giving cultivationRead the Bible withHeart-warming contemplation,Not theological speculation. Some people let God cultivate beauty within them. Some people … Continue reading

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