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The forefront of your mind and the center of your heart

To believe that Jesus rose and is now present everywhere yet neglect to daily interact with Him is to miss the point of Christianity. For Christians to wake-up is to become gloriously aware that we carry Christ’s presence and to … Continue reading

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Christsanity (Christ-sanity)

HumanityHas toMentally battleFor sanity,To inwardly fightTo overcome frightAnd the dark nightOf the soul.The risen JesusIs the lightWho can lead usTo the delightOf Christsanity. Welcoming the risen Jesus into the building called your brain and the house called your heart is … Continue reading

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Supernatural hero, Jesus — full of justice and mercy

The hero in Christianity is Jesus. Exalt Him! All the rest of us have an equal status as His servants. If any Christian acts like he is superior to you, he’s being led by human ego, not by God’s Spirit. … Continue reading

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Great minds think! Try it. Put your brain to use

A person’s brain can be healthy, yet their mind be troubled by tormenting thoughts. Brian health doesn’t guarantee mental health. An unmanaged mind trends toward chaos. Inner peace requires mental and emotional discipline. An aimless mind wanders like a stray … Continue reading

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Build better brain boundaries.

Brain boundaries are standards for what is allowed in your stream of consciousness. Wise brain boundaries improve mental health. If you don’t maintain uplifting brain boundaries, you’ll be harassed by downward spiraling thoughts. A brain without boundaries, like a boat … Continue reading

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Jesus is the reason I have hope in every season!

The church calendar tries to fit Jesus into seasonal categories, but the Bible says that Jesus is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Never make Jesus seasonal! Jesus is the reason I stay excited about being alive! He’s the reason … Continue reading

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Self-dependency eventually leads to despondency

When you depend on temporary situations for happiness your happiness soon departs. Self-dependency will also eventually let you down and lead to despondency. It’s like your shadow. When the dark night comes self-dependency dissipates. I’ve been deceived and disappointed too … Continue reading

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My filter keeps me happy

I have a filter on my kitchen sink to help make my water pure. I need one on my stream of consciousness to help make me pure. Be the gatekeeper of your heart and mind. Let in the good; keep … Continue reading

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Distractions are subtractions that take away your sense of purpose.

If you never click the delete icon in your mind, you’ll live distracted all the time. Distraction isn’t a disorder. It’s the lack of rigorous self-control. Look not at what isn’t good to see. Click not where going isn’t good … Continue reading

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The glory of God’s oratory in my heart

God’s thought-voice is audibleAnd you are capableOf hearing it,If you makeYour heart available,Just like you hearOther thoughts in your mind. I’ve never heard anyone preach or speak like the glory of God’s oratory in my own heart. His thought-voice continually … Continue reading

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