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Worship God and be the master of your desires, not their slave.

Humans tend to be led by desires (I want this,) opinions (I think this,) and emotions (I feel this,) instead of by God’s Spirit. Let God make you the master of your desires, not their slave. To believe is to … Continue reading

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Celebrating true freedom on the 4th

Until we’re no longer in bondage to controlling thoughts, desires, and emotions, we’re not fully free. The freedom to be controlled and dominated by desires isn’t freedom at all. When desire replace logic and self-control, freedom disappears. If we proudly … Continue reading

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Insanity around me & incongruity within me

It’s easy to blame and be disgruntled with the insanity around me. It’s difficult not to constantly deny my discontent with the incongruity within me. We need to continually live in the community of Christ (not just “attend” it on … Continue reading

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Freedom! True deliverance doesn’t require dueling banjos

Your inner imagery influences your perception of your life. Embrace hopeful inner images. Resist and reject harmful ones. The more honest you are, the closer you are to freedom. The more you lie, the more you’re trapped in bondage. It’s … Continue reading

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An appeal to free will is often a false flag

Every timeYou denyThe truth,You chainYour free willTo a lie. Without the will to be free, free will’s a false flag–an excuse for being imprisoned by desire. In a world of deception and darkness, free will doesn’t just happen. It must … Continue reading

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Desires aren’t prison bars

DesireIs likeA fire.You canEnflame it.Or you canTame it. Having desiresIn no way requiresThat you obey themAnd get stuckIn their briars. Desires aren’t trustworthy. They can be true or deceptive, good or bad, right or wrong. They need discernment, not blind … Continue reading

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Disconnect from bondage–connect to freedom

When hearts connect, love appears. Open yours to God and to people. I think I’m finally learning the art of peaceful bewilderment. There’s much I don’t understand, but that’s okay. When we let bewilderment blind us to hope, it leads … Continue reading

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Without inner freedom, we aren’t really free

Inner chains matter. We can’t truly be free if we’re bound by them. Inner freedom requires the ability to say no to anything that enslaves your thoughts or feelings. When you’re dishonest, you’re not free. You’re in bondage to the … Continue reading

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Freedom thoughts #1

Freedom is the ability to do what’s right. Bondage compels us to do what’s wrong. Pride and prejudice are demonstrations of bondage, not of freedom. Freedom begins within. It banishes tormenting thoughts, enslaving habits, and devouring desires. Accepting responsibility for … Continue reading

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Freedom, mental health, & hope

Mental and emotional bondage restricts freedom. Freedom that doesn’t reach to your mind and your heart is incomplete. It’s good to celebrate freedom. It’s better to live free — without bondage to thoughts, feelings, or desires. It’s hard to dance … Continue reading

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