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Emotional health is true wealth

Feelings are like plants. Some are fit for consumption and some aren’t. It’s important to know the difference. Like waves, as emotions roll inside us, we can choose to ride them or we can wave them on. Hazardous emotions aren’t … Continue reading

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Make your feelings obey your mind

Feelings, like fog, can hide many facts. It takes focus and patience to see beyond the haze of foggy feelings. It’s easy to follow feelings and forgo facts, however, in reality, feelings are often nothing more than emotional illusions. Some … Continue reading

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How 2 B 4given! (Are Your Sins Forgiven?)

Guilt is an electric quilt that will burn you up.  No one should carry such a burden. Shame will leave you lame and loaded with inner pain.  But how do you shake off your blame? The most commonly tried remedy … Continue reading

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