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The forefront of your mind and the center of your heart

To believe that Jesus rose and is now present everywhere yet neglect to daily interact with Him is to miss the point of Christianity. For Christians to wake-up is to become gloriously aware that we carry Christ’s presence and to … Continue reading

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Do Christians need a defibrillator?

Lord, defibrillate my heart. Revive me to the awareness of Your presence and Your prompts. Cause my heart to begin to beat in sync with You. Christians need God’s defibrillator! Too many Christians are unaware of and unresponsive to the … Continue reading

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A closed heart creates “I-solatioion” & “lone-me-ness”

Heart wallsPrevent usFrom hearingHeart calls. When a human heart breaks insight enters into it, but too often people cling to the pain and push out the light. Jealously indicates a closed heart. Being happy for other people’s good fortune reveals … Continue reading

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Open up the private prison of your closed heart

If you will startTo reveal your heartYou’ll soon discoverThat people aren’tVery far apart. Open hearted interaction with people creates beautiful interpersonal connections. Privacy prevents them. Fear of pain or rejection prevents many people from experiencing the daily joys of an … Continue reading

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Jesus gave me a heart transplant

A fresh startWithout a new heartWill still dartDown old paths. You can’t mend aHeartWith a mentalAgenda.Many who are smartAre inwardly torn apart,But Jesus replacedMy shattered stone heartWith His healing love. Now Jesus revealsLight that thrillsAnd fillsMy heartWith joy. Jesus fills … Continue reading

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Good works, faith-rest, and a rubber squeeze coin purse

Your heart is like a football-shaped rubber squeeze coin purse. If you won’t work to continually hold it open to God and to other people, it will suddenly snap shut. Much that is called Christianity is merely human effort and … Continue reading

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Experience “innermost being” Christianity

Innermost being Christianity is much more powerful than mere church attendance. What does the Bible mean when it talks about your “innermost being”? The innermost being is the place of awe-releasing rivers of living water that flow from deep within … Continue reading

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The glory of God’s oratory in my heart

God’s thought-voice is audibleAnd you are capableOf hearing it,If you makeYour heart available,Just like you hearOther thoughts in your mind. I’ve never heard anyone preach or speak like the glory of God’s oratory in my own heart. His thought-voice continually … Continue reading

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Amazing things happen when your heart reaches for God

As long as you feelLike you haveWhat you want,You won’t wantGod to help you. Reach beyond your pride into the secret treasure chest of humility and brokenness. To reach for God is to exceed your grasp, but it begins to … Continue reading

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Is heart ablation a biblical concept?

The Bible’s “Big Story” is that all human hearts are out of synch with the living God, yet He came to humanity as a human being as Jesus Christ to restore people’s connection to Him. The “Small Story” is that … Continue reading

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