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Hope for a soiled heart

There’s hope for your soiled heart. Let your soiled heart be good soil for God’s word. To let your heart harden is to distance yourself from both God and people. An open, tender heart can be gloriously led and shaped … Continue reading

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The ignored heart disease

There’s a terminal heart illness that medical science ignores. “The wages of sin is death.” The sickness of sin hardens the human heart and separates it from hope. Guilt is a major symptom of the sickness of sin. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Closed-hearted Christianity is counterfeit

Let God who opened wide the Red Sea open wide your heart! Dare to make the inner click to load the risen Jesus into your heart giving Him full permission to make His changes within you. Closed-hearted Christianity is counterfeit. … Continue reading

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Wake up to heart-training

The living Jesus is the great Heart-Changer! We need to train our heart to continually open up to and surrender to Jesus. I woke up this morning with these thoughts being written on my heart: An open heart has ears … Continue reading

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To connect heart-to-heart we have to open our heart

When Christ-followers open up to each other so the presence of Jesus can be seen in them, deep supernatural heart-connection instantly occurs. Religious words without heart-connection with Jesus and other Christians have little impact on people’s lives. Strangers who are … Continue reading

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Free gas for your heart-tank

If Jesus has touched your life that’s good. If it’s been a while since He touched your heart, you may be running on empty! Jesus offers free gas for your heart-tank. Let Him fill you daily! A Christian who keeps … Continue reading

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The forefront of your mind and the center of your heart

To believe that Jesus rose and is now present everywhere yet neglect to daily interact with Him is to miss the point of Christianity. For Christians to wake-up is to become gloriously aware that we carry Christ’s presence and to … Continue reading

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Do Christians need a defibrillator?

Lord, defibrillate my heart. Revive me to the awareness of Your presence and Your prompts. Cause my heart to begin to beat in sync with You. Christians need God’s defibrillator! Too many Christians are unaware of and unresponsive to the … Continue reading

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A closed heart creates “I-solatioion” & “lone-me-ness”

Heart wallsPrevent usFrom hearingHeart calls. When a human heart breaks insight enters into it, but too often people cling to the pain and push out the light. Jealously indicates a closed heart. Being happy for other people’s good fortune reveals … Continue reading

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Open up the private prison of your closed heart

If you will startTo reveal your heartYou’ll soon discoverThat people aren’tVery far apart. Open hearted interaction with people creates beautiful interpersonal connections. Privacy prevents them. Fear of pain or rejection prevents many people from experiencing the daily joys of an … Continue reading

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