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Free gas for your heart-tank

If Jesus has touched your life that’s good. If it’s been a while since He touched your heart, you may be running on empty! Jesus offers free gas for your heart-tank. Let Him fill you daily! A Christian who keeps … Continue reading

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Don’t Toss Boss Jesus

UnbindThe boxed-up Jesus.He’s been too long confinedAnd entwinedBy the human mind.His presence isToo often declinedAnd removedFrom life’s daily grind.As humankindWe are designedTo be continually definedAnd refinedBy HimAnd alignedWith His presence.Don’t tossYour Boss.Make Jesus your daily Lord! Church too often gathersWithout … Continue reading

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Let Jesus in your heart before you head out of this life

Here’s the deal: If you’re asleep to the thrill Of knowing Jesus And caught in the chill Of a cold heart, You’ll seldom feel His real presence. A Christian audience Can easily overlook the radiance Of the presence Of the … Continue reading

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Make everyday a day of epiphany (and every church a place of epiphany)

A Christian’s heart should be full of fountains flowing and wide-open faucets running with rivers of Jesus’ living water. Is yours? If not, this might help: January 6 is called “The Day of Epiphany” by traditional churches. It celebrates the … Continue reading

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Excuses have no good uses

Excuses are a popular type of denial. A happy life can’t be built on a foundation of excuses. Make hope, not excuses. We think excuses protect our pride, but all they really do is hide our hope. An honest confession … Continue reading

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God’s route is Spirit-led

Christianity’s about Jesus and being led by His Spirit. Anyone or anything that gets more of your attention than Jesus blocks the way. Every Christian needs to learn to be led by God’s Spirit. There’s nothing routine about being Spirit-led! … Continue reading

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You have thoughts directly from Jesus

Much of our confusion in life comes from the lack of attention we give to the thoughts that pass through our mind directly from Jesus. If you will train yourself to daily notice and obey direct thoughts from Jesus, your … Continue reading

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Self-dependency eventually leads to despondency

When you depend on temporary situations for happiness your happiness soon departs. Self-dependency will also eventually let you down and lead to despondency. It’s like your shadow. When the dark night comes self-dependency dissipates. I’ve been deceived and disappointed too … Continue reading

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Good fear produces good vibes . . .

The fear of the Lord isn’t about dodging lightning bolts. It’s about letting your heart be overwhelmed by His glorious light. Too many people want God’s approval, but the fear of the Lord makes us realize that what we really … Continue reading

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When the Cultivator cultivates human heart-soil

Trust GodTo cultivateYour heart.Let Him pullThe weeds outBefore they startTo overrun you! When weedsAre allowedTo run wildIn your heartPeace and joyDepart. For life-giving cultivationRead the Bible withHeart-warming contemplation,Not theological speculation. Some people let God cultivate beauty within them. Some people … Continue reading

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