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More “If My people . . .”

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God gives the keys to spiritual awakening, revival, and healing. However, those keys require more than that we quote them or hear sermons about them. They require that we actually do them with an open, humble … Continue reading

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Revival causes people & churches to be Christ-enthralled

The world needs Christ-enthralled people. Be one. Let churches be filled with Jesus-thrilled people! Instead of stuffing God’s Spirit, let’s do Spirit-led stuff! If Jesus is the Head of a church, let Him literally run it! If not, quit pretending … Continue reading

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When church meets like a bicycle wheel, God’s Spirit rolls on!

Demonstrations of Jesus’ love are far more effective than sermons about it. People in alcohol and drug recovery learn to “Let go and let God.” Why don’t pastors let go and let Jesus peddle? Revival happens when Jesus takes control … Continue reading

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The revival prayer and posture

Standing, sitting, walking, or knelling, prayer for revival needs to be from the heart! Here’s my revival prayer: Send me, Jesus! I don’t want to continually sit and be satisfied with Sunday sermons about You. I want to hear, to … Continue reading

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The outta church Jesus Revolution

The Jesus Revolution movie ended by saying that much of the Jesus Movement happened outside of and independent of churches. That was my experience and the experience of multitudes in my generation. In early 1970 some students from Asbury University … Continue reading

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Is church like bowling pins and gutter balls?

Are preachers throwing gutter balls? I just had an image come to my mind of bowling pins and gutter balls. The pins were neatly lined up and a man was rolling gutter balls so he wouldn’t disturb them. When God’s … Continue reading

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Jesus? Active or inactive?

An inactive Jesus must be explained by sermons, but the living Jesus wants to actively demonstrate His presence. Shall we let Him? A tightly programmed and controlled church service reveals unbelief in the ability of the active Jesus to personally … Continue reading

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Church’s rubber duckies . . .

Stop playing with church’s rubber duckies. Instead, let Jesus’ rivers of living water flow from deep within you. It’s time to stop being bored with church! If you aren’t experiencing the risen Jesus in the service, go and find Him … Continue reading

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Revival seeks to return us to the original “awe-dition” of Christianity

We need the awe edition of Christianity, not the spectator version. Christians are awe-ditory learners. We don’t really know Jesus unless we allow our heart to be overwhelmed by His presence. Instead of being an audience church attendees need to … Continue reading

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Asbury & Lee and experiencing a glorious Spirit-led challenge

On Monday, 2/21/23, my wife, brother, sister-in-law, and I felt prompted to go to the Jesus outpouring that was happening at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. We drove the 2 1/2 hours from Nashville, but the chapel was closed. That … Continue reading

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