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Changing the churches is more powerful than changing the government

In 1519, Martin Luther proclaimed, “Change the church!” In 2023 it still needs changing! Many Christians want to change the government, but our responsibility is to change the churches so that they are led by God’s Spirit. Let’s wake up … Continue reading

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A church on the corner doesn’t pray. People do!

True Christianity is moreThan religious information.It’s glorious proclamation,Powerful demonstration,Life transformation,And joyous celebration.(For more delight, google: The Joy Of Early Christianity.) God wants to buildWith living stonesAnd construct more thanChurch or chapel domes. Christians are calledTo gatherTo worship and interact withThe … Continue reading

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What we call church (may be off base)

Love can’t be limitedTo hearing sermonsAbout God’s love.It must be livedIn the heart-felt unityOf Jesus-focused community. The human longingFor belongingIsn’t satisfiedBy the weekly gongingOf a sermon. An hour or twoSitting thruChurch servicesWon’t glueHearts togetherIn community Calling something a church doesn’t … Continue reading

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The body of Christ & accountability

I’ve been blessed with amazing experiences. Every day I encounter something amazing. Christianity should be a contemporary Jesus movement, not a religious monument where people are lectured about what Jesus did in the past. Christians are supposed to be experiencing … Continue reading

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Jesus in the midst of the lampstands: Menorah & Ekklesia

Did the risen Jesus compare gatherings of His followers to the Jewish Menorah? I believe He did so in the book of Revelation. The apostle (sent one) named John, who had been one of Jesus’ closets disciples, had a vision … Continue reading

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Christianity desperately needs to be revitalized

“The truth will set you free.” It’s time for Christians to gather and allow everyone present the freedom to obey the Spirit. When Christian worship is overmanaged and overcontrolled, there’s little or no room for the living Jesus to do … Continue reading

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