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To connect heart-to-heart we have to open our heart

When Christ-followers open up to each other so the presence of Jesus can be seen in them, deep supernatural heart-connection instantly occurs. Religious words without heart-connection with Jesus and other Christians have little impact on people’s lives. Strangers who are … Continue reading

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Pride and prejudice against humility

Pride brushes aside other people’s opinions. Humility tries to understand them. Humility is underrated. Pride is over blown. Proud people blame other people. Humble people accept responsibility for the consequences of their words and behaviors. Pride can get you stuck. … Continue reading

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Pride definitions / thinking about pride

Pride is a border wall that separates humanity from healing, inner peace, honest relationships, and spontaneous joy. Pride prevents true openness with others and hinders genuine heart-to-heart connections. It makes us hide much of who we really are. Pride eliminates … Continue reading

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