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Christianity is about individuals, not clones in religious institutions

Until we gather with and spiritually connect with Christ-transformed individuals, there will be little unity among Christians. When Christ-transformed individuals recognize each other there’s an instant sense of kinship and community. I sold black history books during college summers and … Continue reading

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Baiting people with religious candy or net fishing for human hearts?

Net fishing for people? New Testament net fishing doesn’t work if you don’t have a network of people connected heat-to-heart with the living Jesus and with one another. As the inner spiritual knots that tied the earliest Christians together loosened … Continue reading

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Unlock unlimited heart connection!

To unblock unlimited heart connection, activate your heart on God’s network! This will help. Unlimited heart connectionOvercomes all rejection.As bearers of God’s image,Any two human heartsCan connect.Let everyone you meetHave the attentionOf your heartAnd be a partOf your inner circleAt … Continue reading

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Spirit-led, heart-to-heart connection

Group prayerIs an opportunity to shareYour heart with GodAnd with those who careTo be in prayerWith you. Jesus wants His followers to gather in Spirit-led, heart-to-heart connection. We can’t be consciously connected heart-to-heart unless we honestly, humbly, and compassionately open … Continue reading

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Heart-connection makes life better

Moments of heart-connection with another person are marvelous. We all need more! If we would touch hearts as often as we touch screens, what joy we’d know! Disconnected hearts can be cold and cruel to each other. Connected hearts heal. … Continue reading

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Care, connection, & community are better than divisiveness

Even when minds disagree, open hearts find much unity and love. Closed hearts, however, succumb to anger and hostility. I’ve conversed with and listened to people of many different ethnicities. When I do, I’m always amazed at how similar we … Continue reading

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Closenessing — connecting heart-to-heart

Heart-to-heart closenessing replaces the feeling that nobody really cares about you, with the joy of feeling truly loved. Without openness, honesty, and compassion, heart-closeness with others won’t happen. Love is closer than you think. It’s in your heart, waiting for … Continue reading

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