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To connect heart-to-heart we have to open our heart

When Christ-followers open up to each other so the presence of Jesus can be seen in them, deep supernatural heart-connection instantly occurs. Religious words without heart-connection with Jesus and other Christians have little impact on people’s lives. Strangers who are … Continue reading

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Beyond self-care & self-love, we can find self-reality

Even with great eyesight, people with blind hearts won’t see clearly. When truth threatens their ego, people often call it a lie. Usually the hardest lies to spot are the ones hiding in your heart. The most important evil for … Continue reading

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Avoid heart-stench

Jammed shut hearts are never happy. They keep joy out. More harm is being spread by the neglect of heart sanitizer than by the neglect of hand sanitizer. Like the body, the human heart needs to be continually cleaned. True … Continue reading

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Hyper-pretension will raise your blood pressure.

Hyper-pretension will raise your blood pressure. The greater the disparity between our opinions of ourself and reality, the stronger is our prentese. Pretense is concocted to hide what you don’t like about yourself, and therefore is indicative of low self-esteem. … Continue reading

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Replace my presumption with humility . . .

Pride makes truth harder to find and honesty harder to express, because our self-interest and self-protection keep getting in our way. For people who value their own opinions more than truth, any statement that disagrees with them is fake news. … Continue reading

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Thoughts to calibrate pride

Some of my thoughts about pride: When people are open and honest with each other, pride melts away and is replaced by heart-felt love and compassion. Pride and conscience can’t work side by side. One always overrides the other. Pride … Continue reading

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Humble, heart to heart connections

When you connect heart to heart with people; love looks beyond your differences. Perhaps church could meet to let people connect heart to heart and to apply what they they already know about God and His love. The Call To Worship could be: … Continue reading

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Humility & equality in church services . . .


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How to deal with controlling, self-promoting Christian leaders

There have always been controlling and self-promoting Christian leaders, who want to be top dog, even in the first century. But how are Christ followers supposed to deal with them? John (the disciple Jesus loved) gives us an example in … Continue reading

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Weakly Reader makes me strong!

When I was in elementary school we were regularly given a publication called “Weekly Reader.” Did you get that when you were in school? However, as an adult I have learned to depend on another publication — “Weakly Reader.” It … Continue reading

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