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More “If My people . . .”

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God gives the keys to spiritual awakening, revival, and healing. However, those keys require more than that we quote them or hear sermons about them. They require that we actually do them with an open, humble … Continue reading

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To connect heart-to-heart we have to open our heart

When Christ-followers open up to each other so the presence of Jesus can be seen in them, deep supernatural heart-connection instantly occurs. Religious words without heart-connection with Jesus and other Christians have little impact on people’s lives. Strangers who are … Continue reading

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Are there any “lay people”?

I don’t believe that there are any lay people. The Bible says that Christ-followers are “kings and priests.” The Protestant Reformers taught the priesthood of the believer (however, they weren’t very good at actually implementing it since they all established … Continue reading

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The call to all Christians

I once did a New Testament word study on the word “called.” The books of 1 Corinthians and Romans are written to people who are “called to be holy people” (NIV–1 Corinthians 1:2 & Romans 1:7.) That means all the … Continue reading

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Christians are called to be networkers for Jesus

All Christ-followers are called to be networkers–to help people connect personally with the living, resurrected Jesus and to have an intimate, direct relationship with Him that doesn’t depend on a special, religious man to lead them. This biblical concept is … Continue reading

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As churches “reopen,” perhaps they need to “open up” to some things

I think that closed churches and open Bibles are more powerful than open churches and closed Bibles. I find daily Bible reading to be essential! Reopen the Bible! Many Bibles have been shut for years. Where are the protesters? Again … Continue reading

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Liturgy-led, preacher-led, or Spirit-led?

Liturgy-led, preacher-led, or Spirit-led? That is the question for the church of the future. If church doesn’t train Christians to listen directly to God’s “still small voice,” doesn’t that make a preacher God’s middleman? If your insights and spiritual gifts … Continue reading

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Christianity needs more “heartials” and fewer facials

Facials are fine, but what we all really need is heartials. When Christians gather with a “minister to me” attitude instead of a “let’s minister to one another” attitude, we miss much that God has for us. Perhaps a group … Continue reading

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Embracing the biblical/Protestant concept of the priesthood of the believer

I have invented a new word for the priesthood of the believer — clergyall. Here’s another way to put it: Christian meetings are full of manysters, not just a single minister. Jesus is alive and present when we meet in … Continue reading

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Seeing God activate regular people

Seeing God speak and work in and through ordinary people is one of my greatest joys. If given encouragement, freedom, and a platform, everyday people can share amazing words from God. Biblical Christianity is activating. It takes ordinary people and … Continue reading

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