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Hand-me-down religion’s no fun!

Secondhand Christianity creates religious spectators. Firsthand faith produces Spirit-led Christ-followers. God’s more concerned with what you do the remaining 167 hours per week than with what you do for one hour on Sunday morning. Hand-me-down Christianity is never as powerful … Continue reading

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Let the invisible teacher teach you

The invisible teacher (the risen Jesus) will speak clearly in the heart of the people who truly want to hear Him. Do you? When you’re being taught by God’s Spirit speaking within you, the words of the Bible will come … Continue reading

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Constantine & the Emperor’s new (institutional) clothes

Constantine dressed up Christianity by putting the Emperor’s new (institutional) clothes on it. However, like Saul’s armor on young David as he prepared to fight Goliath, rigid institutionalism hasn’t been a very effective way to demonstrate the power and presence … Continue reading

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Christianity beyond religious tradition is something else!

Let your spiritual condition grow beyond religious tradition. Religious tradition presents a short-sighted rendition of Jesus. Read the Gospels! O, for the burning faith of the founders of Christian tradition, not just their memory. I love reading testimonies by historic … Continue reading

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An educational institution that never graduates anyone . . .

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Looking beyond institutional eyes

Institutional eyes only seem to recognize Christianity when its institutionalized, but Jesus is working 24/7/365. Although religion is highly institutionalized, the living Jesus Christ isn’t. The OT prophets, the Apostles, the Reformers, and even Jesus, called people beyond institutional religion. … Continue reading

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Is God making church ekklesia again?

Perhaps, today, God is slowly Moving the body of Christ Away from institutionalized Christianity, Commonly known as church, Back into Spirit-led Christianity, The original ekklesia. (Take a look at: The Joy Of Early Christianity.)

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Deinstutionalizing the faith

The New Testament’s about a supernatural movement led by the risen Jesus, not an institution. When Christianity is biblically and spiritually revitalized it tends to deinstitutionalize. Now is the time to deinstitutionalize — to invest more time in Spirit-led relationships … Continue reading

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Thoughts about being a radical Christ-follower

I met Christ in the Spirit-led atmosphere of the Jesus Movement and never adapted to programmed, preacher controlled meetings. That’s one reason I think differently than institutional religion does. I find a religionized Jesus to be tame, benign, and boring, … Continue reading

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Would Jesus say: “Religion forgot Me for monotony.”

Christians often meet like robots–tightly programmed and controlled. Christians need to be allowed to freely express Christ, not just to contain Him locked down in their hearts. After all, it’s hard to be a passive lump on a church pew when … Continue reading

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