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Notice God now! (Embrace revelation.)

Revelation is communication from the living God. It can be in the form of thoughts, impressions, images, insights, or ideas. Since Jesus first revealed Himself to me, I’ve searched history and discovered the writings of hundreds of people who share … Continue reading

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You might be a fake Christian if . . .

Jesus said that there will be many false prophets. Today people like to accuse journalists who disagree with them of presenting fake news. Maybe we need to be aware of fake Christianity. You might be a fake Christiam if . … Continue reading

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Many claim Christianity, but what is it?

Until Christ is living in and demonstrating His love through those of us who claim to be Christians, we’re falling far short of our name. Christianity’s not about Wanting to oppose, Or to impose Your will on people. It’s not … Continue reading

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False prophets & self-deception

False prophets come in all shapes and sizes, wearing political and religious disguises. They stir up anger and hatred toward people, ignoring that, “God is love.” Perhaps the worst false prophet is self-deception. When circumstances prove false prophets wrong, they … Continue reading

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Be careful what you believe; many want to deceive

IQ and DQ (Deception Quotient) are not corelated. When the words won’t add up, there’s probably some deception in the equation. My own thoughts and feelings are deceptive. I have to wrestle them to get to truth. Life is a … Continue reading

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Thoughts to prevent truth decay

Truth is often irritating and inconvenient, but it’s always reality. Even denial doesn’t dodge it. It just puts you in make-believe. When opinion is mixed with facts, it discolors the truth. Lying is an act of fear. It is fear … Continue reading

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Beyond spiritual compromise

A clean heart doesn’t speak with a dirty mouth. Wise eyes recognize evil’s disguise and don’t compromise with its lies. To compromise with lies is to choose deception rather than reality, fables instead of facts. A compromised conscience collapses into … Continue reading

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No more boring church misrepresenting Heaven!

If a church service is boring, it’s not like Heaven. Heaven is the most Spirit-led place in the universe, so why doesn’t church train us to follow the Spirit to get us ready? Be led by the Spirit: Deliberately delegate the daily … Continue reading

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Appreciation, kindness, politics, & love

People who are unkind have run out of kindness and need to be filled up. Take a moment to share some kindness with them. When you’re appreciative of the positive things in your life, you won’t be overcome by the … Continue reading

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What are the essential beliefs for Christianity?

When Christians begin to think about and discuss unity, the question of doctrine always comes up. How do we overcome doctrinal disagreement? Augustine, a Christian brother who lived in the fourth century, answered that question this way: “In essentials, unity; … Continue reading

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