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Christians, stop acting like Jesus is dead!

If there’s anybody in the world who doesn’t need to be institutionalized, it’s the living, resurrected Jesus Christ! A dead Jesus needs religious institutions to keep His memory alive, but a relationship with the living Jesus is ever vibrant. To … Continue reading

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7 short poems about Jesus being alive

Spiritual Lockdown Religious people wanted Jesus Cruelly killed And then sealed In a guarded tomb. They got what they wanted For a weekend, But many act As if He’s still there. It’s time to live like Jesus is living! Weekend … Continue reading

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The now Jesus will wow you

Let the ever-present Jesus wow you now. The now Jesus is like the now air, yet we’re often unaware that He’s keeping us alive. Let the risen Jesus out of the religious past. Free Him from the distant future. Now! … Continue reading

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If human lives don’t matter . . .

If human lives don’t matter, nothing matters and life is meaningless. The human race does indeed matter — people of every shade of skin, from the womb to the tomb. If all lives matter to you, then the pain blacks … Continue reading

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“Selfianity” promotes self-focus

Christianity calls us to self-denial. Selfianity promotes self-focus. Some people want Christianity when it’s convenient and an escape clause when it’s not. When Christ is only a theory, we’ll grow spiritually weary. When He’s living within, we’ll overcome our sin. … Continue reading

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Alive or Dead? Christ’s presence or religious programs?

Alive or dead? If Jesus is really alive, let’s gather in His presence and let Him take control! Experiencing consciousness you don’t need proof YOU’RE CONSCIOUS and experiencing Jesus, you don’t need proof HE’S ALIVE. It’s time for church to … Continue reading

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Easter Requiem For Church As Usual

Members of Christ’s body meet, Gagged and bound (hand and heart), By tradition, protocol, and hierarchy. They’re not allowed to be doers, But are lined up in rows as hearers only, Gathered to be restrained, Not permitted to freely speak … Continue reading

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Everyday Easter!

Happy Resurrection Day! Christ the Lord is risen today (not just on a spring holiday with a funny name). Everyday people can experience Easter every time they meet to worship the living, resurrected Jesus. It’s called ekkesia — http://amzn.to/1U0U73r. Jesus promised to … Continue reading

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The 21st Century’s Contemporary Christ

The contemporary Christ Living and speaking In human hearts, Personally directing and Prompting His people, Daily displays His wonders As we hear and obey Him. And when we gather, In His name and presence, And let Him lead us, The … Continue reading

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Good News 4 Bad Eggs!

Here’s some real Good News for bad eggs! Easter’s living Christ hunts for and saves bad eggs. He’s looking 4 U. Easter’s living Christ can crack your shell and turn your heart sunny side up. Easter Week Dead Jesus walking … Continue reading

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