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Everyday Easter!

Happy Resurrection Day! Christ the Lord is risen today (not just on a spring holiday with a funny name). Everyday people can experience Easter every time they meet to worship the living, resurrected Jesus. It’s called ekkesia — Jesus promised to … Continue reading

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God is not a seasoning to occasionally sprinkle on your life. God is the source of and the reason for your life — a 24/7/365 necessity.

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Let God’s Fire Be 0% Contained (Not 100% Contained)

0% contained? *The goal for a wildfire is that it be 100% contained — full containment.   *God’s goal for His fire is that it be 0% contained — complete uncontainment. (To quote Paul of Tarsus, “Quench not the Spirit.”) … Continue reading

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Faucet Faith? vs. Free-Flowing Faith

Faucet faith is turned on and off as needed, but is mostly shut down and ignored. Free-flowing faith flows freely from the heart 24/7/365. Church based on 1 Corinthians 14:26 (open sharing and Spirit-led testimonies) releases a spiritual contagion factory … Continue reading

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The Incredible Power of Christ Skills

How are your Christ skills? Many people live their lives without basic Christ skills — the abilities to connect with and release the life-transforming power of Christ in themselves and in others. However, when you look into history, you discover … Continue reading

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The Christmas Drug — The High Hopes Of Holiday Hype

Year after year humans have high hopes for the Christmas holidays, but their humongous hopes are often hijacked and held hostage by holiday hype.  The Christmas drug of hyped up holidays just doesn’t seem to be able to live up … Continue reading

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Does a dash of devotion do a living, omnipresent God justice? Doesn’t a living, present God deserve more than that? Does He who made us not have a right to 24/7/365 devotion — to an ongoing, continual expression of our heart-felt love and adoration to Him? Paul of Tarsus put it this way: “Pray without ceasing.”

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