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The “you-niverse” of self-focus & resentment

The “you-niverse” is tiny and confining. The universe is huge and liberating. Think outside your self-box. Freedom from anxiety and compulsion comes through self-forgetfulness. Self-centeredness can’t achieve it. Self-absorption creates loneliness, not happiness. Self-centeredness and joy refuse to coexist. To … Continue reading

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Selfianity focuses on the wrong hero

Put self aside. Let the living Jesus be your ride and take you where He decides. Selfianity isn’t true Christianity. There’s only room for one Savior in a Christian’s life–the risen Jesus. Follow Him. Dietrich Bonhoeffer put it this way: … Continue reading

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Happiness lies beyond self-focus

If you’re discouraged, get out of your self-focus and do something to encourage others. Self-focused decisions often cause more problems than they solve. When minor things get an emotional hold on you, life becomes consumed with triviality. Much, that clamors … Continue reading

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“Selfianity” promotes self-focus

Christianity calls us to self-denial. Selfianity promotes self-focus. Some people want Christianity when it’s convenient and an escape clause when it’s not. When Christ is only a theory, we’ll grow spiritually weary. When He’s living within, we’ll overcome our sin. … Continue reading

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Self-deny or self-identify?

Christ-followers are called to seek the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of self — to self-deny, not to self-identify. Think outside the self-box. Serving others instead of self, rocks! Self-focus shackles us to our own feelings and opinions and … Continue reading

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Too much me-ing will make life seem meaningless

Meaninglessness happens when nothing becomes the focus of your life. Too much me-ing makes life seem meaningless. We all need a higher purpose than me-ing (focusing on me). Believing some things are morally wrong isn’t judging. It’s paying attention to … Continue reading

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My selfie (me, not a self-made pic of me) gets me in trouble

“Me” is a tiny word that can cause treMEndous problems. An effective way to make yourself unhappy is to go through life continually asking, “Am I happy now? A missionless life is often unhappy. If you really want to pursue … Continue reading

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Self-forgetting is invigorating

A mind set on self is often upset. Self-focus is a ball & chain. To be selfless is to run free. A pampered “self” is never fully satisfied. Self-forgetting is the key to happiness. Self-interest is such a tiny & … Continue reading

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To “Me” Or Not To “Me” — (Self-Focus Or Self-Denial)

To “me” or not to “me” — that is the question! Now I lay “me” down, For when the focus On “me” I keep, My soul stays Spiritually asleep “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take … Continue reading

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Self-focus blurs your perspective and leaves you living in a lonely haze. God-focus gives clear insight and brings joy and delight into view.

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