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Life is full of boomerangs called consequences

Life’s a boomerang. It takes what we think, say, and do, and throws it back as consequences. To blame people for your choices is to proclaim that you’re their puppet. Your consequences follow your behaviors. They don’t cause them. If … Continue reading

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Deciding What To Do With Desires

Most people would agree that some human desires should be resisted (the desire to commit suicide, for instance).  However, how do you decide which human desires to obey and which to resist?  Here are some questions to ask: Is the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Not To Make A Top 10 List

Top Ten reasons why not to make a Top Ten List. Reason #10 — People may think you are trying to be like David Letterman when you make a Top Ten List. Reason #9 — You can only think of … Continue reading

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