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Revival is a Jesus revolution

The Jesus revolution of “Christ in you” happens in the unseen realm of a human heart and overflows as light to our dark world. Oops! Modern Christianity has exchanged “Christ in you” for “you in church,” and wants you to … Continue reading

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You have thoughts directly from Jesus

Much of our confusion in life comes from the lack of attention we give to the thoughts that pass through our mind directly from Jesus. If you will train yourself to daily notice and obey direct thoughts from Jesus, your … Continue reading

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Put Jesus in Christmas

If you want Christ in Christmas, then this holiday season substitute the name of Jesus for the word Christmas. Jesus, all I want for Christmas is a closer relationship with You.” (Think what impact there would be if between Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Comfort zone or Christ-focused zone?

The more I concentrate on Jesus the more I sense His presence and feel His power. The more I focus on and surrender to God’s Spirit the fuller my faith grows and the greater my desire and ability to obey … Continue reading

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The best open Door!

I believed in God from childhood and tried to find Him in religion but all I found there were closed doors. Finally, someone showed me the Door. If you’re a Christ-follower show somebody the Door! Jesus is the Door who … Continue reading

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Thinking about Jesus-first people

I love to spend time with people who keep Jesus first in their heart and lifestyle. Although they seem to be distracted from much of the details and desires of daily life, they have a burning focus on Jesus. They … Continue reading

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Jesus steps have walked on water. They can keep me afloat!

Don’t mumbleOr grumbleWhen yourSelf-steps stumble.Trade them inFor Jesus-steps. Christianity is about replacing self-steps with Jesus-steps — exchanging me-power for Jesus-power. (Jesus-steps are steps that are led and empowered by the living Jesus.) Self-steps based on our own desires, feelings, and … Continue reading

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Be a Christ-carrier and let Christ carry you

If “Christ in you”Is true about youThat means youAre a Christ-carrierAnd you takeThe ever-living JesusWherever you go.” When we beginTo let the risen JesusContinually radiateFrom deep with usAnd to no longer accommodateThe world’s corruption,We’ll experienceA glorious disruption,An inner Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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The Jesus (Alpha & Omega) Alphabet

Jesus is The Alpha and The Omega. (Those are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.) Here are Jesus thoughts from A to Z: The Jesus Alphabet can unscramble your life! Notice the letter J8 in the picture. … Continue reading

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Don’t settle for Christiapathy

It’s easy to miss out on miracles if you’re not willing to look for one. A dead church is out of sync with the risen Jesus. It saddens me that church services are often run as if Jesus is dead and … Continue reading

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