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Have the courage to be a peacemaker

It takes rare courage to be a peacemaker. Rise to the call! The demon of targeted hate, has tormented Americas far too long. Peacemakers liberate people from the demons of hate and prevent much misery. All that’s needed for conflict … Continue reading

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Care, connection, & community are better than divisiveness

Even when minds disagree, open hearts find much unity and love. Closed hearts, however, succumb to anger and hostility. I’ve conversed with and listened to people of many different ethnicities. When I do, I’m always amazed at how similar we … Continue reading

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Peacemaker, peacemaker, we need you (not so much for bullies)

If peacemakers were honored with the same devotion and passion as war heroes are, the world would be a different place. Perhaps countries need a Tomb of the Unknown Peacemaker. Jesus forgave those who treated Him violently, but He praised … Continue reading

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Making Peace — Words To Wake Up The 21st Century Church

I was given a book, Making Peace, (published by Moody Publishers) by my leaders in The Salvation Army.  Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down and read through it at one time. The book is bold, … Continue reading

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