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Praying below the ceiling

Even when you feelLike your prayers don’t goAs high as the ceilingThat’s okay becauseThe Spirit of Christ isLower than the ceiling,Working inside His followersAnd actively revealingHis presence and powerOn our level.In the name ofJesus Christ of NazarethRise up and walk … Continue reading

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Refugees from sin

Refugees fleeing fromGuilt and self-destruction,Shame and addiction,You are welcomeIn the kingdom of God True Christians are refugeesWho are escapingFrom the chaosAnd destruction of sin. The best refugeFor refugees from sadnessIs the living Jesus.

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Your mental bouquet

Every dayYou pickYour own bouquet,WeedsThat plantThe seedsOf misery,Or flowersOf kindnessAnd hope. Filling your mindWith bouquets of weedsOnly succeedsIn making you miserable. EverydayGather good thoughtsInto a fragrantAnd beautiful bouquetOf inner peaceAnd make itThe centerpieceOf your mind. In a balanced bouquetAll the … Continue reading

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Church-swap Sunday idea

Let all the Christians(Including the preachers)On a certain SundayIn a particular townAsk God to send themTo a church other thanThe one they normally attendAnd when they gatherSay and doWhatever the risen JesusTells them to.Would that be chaos or glory?I believe … Continue reading

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What’s the source of creativity?

–Creativity–In the stillness of quietSounds of silenceGather togetherAnd arrange themselvesTo compose this poem,Words that I didn’t hearWith my physical ear.From what sourceDid they appearIn my mind?Ancient Greeks saidThe silent inner soundsOf inspirational creativityCome from goddessesThat they called muses.The early Christians … Continue reading

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The inner calm of transfiguration

The transfiguration of ChristIsn’t theology to figure outBut a calling to live out.We can learn to be stillAnd listen to Jesus,Ignoring our own impulsive andSelf-motivated marching ordersThat satisfy our desireTo build monuments.Then Christ’s inner presenceCan release a movementOf living waterThat … Continue reading

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Tanning bed or real sunshine?

Jesus is like sunshineRadiating in human heartsFor all to see. Few people wantTo sit indoors and hearWeekly lecturesAbout the sun.They’d ratherBe in the sun’s presenceBasking in and absorbingIts beautiful brightness.That’s how I feelAbout the Son of God! Jesus shinesWith glorious … Continue reading

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Blowing in the wind of ekklesia

The First Spirit-Led, Christ-Centered Town Hall Meeting (Ekklesia) Was Windy! The sound of mighty rushing windSpread visible spiritual fireTo all of Jesus’ gathered disciplesOpening their mouthsWith supernatural wordsAnd giving them boldnessTo hit the streetsRejoicing withThe living JesusSo that peopleFrom around … Continue reading

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“Owed” to closed doors

Many of the good thingsIn my lifeI owe to closed doorsThat kept meFrom walking awayFrom them. Closed doorsAren’t just a disappointment,They’re also an appointmentWith GodFor comfort and guidance. Camping at a closed doorCan cause you to miss outOn many open … Continue reading

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The gap poem (intimacy and information are separated by a great gap)

The gap betweenReligious informationAnd inner reformationIs huge.God’s graceWill close that gapIf with humility and repentanceYou begin to practiceOngoing obedienceTo the living Jesus,Now present through the Holy Spirit.Let Him resideAnd endlessly abideIn youAnd powerfully be your guideAs you continually confideIn Him. … Continue reading

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