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Don’t Toss Boss Jesus

UnbindThe boxed-up Jesus.He’s been too long confinedAnd entwinedBy the human mind.His presence isToo often declinedAnd removedFrom life’s daily grind.As humankindWe are designedTo be continually definedAnd refinedBy HimAnd alignedWith His presence.Don’t tossYour Boss.Make Jesus your daily Lord! Church too often gathersWithout … Continue reading

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Religious self-protection is a rejection of true freedom in Christ.

E. Stanley Jones said: “Jesus was crucified because He wouldn’t conform to a system.” (Jones was an American Methodist missionary to India in the mid-twentieth century.) True freedom in Christ is much more than a system, form, or formula. A … Continue reading

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The more I lower myself the more God’s power flows

The more I discernThe glory of the LordThe less my self-concernAnd the more I learnTo trust Him. The more I denyMyselfTo followJesusThe more ILearn to relyOn Him daily. The moreI lowerMyself,The moreGod’s powerCan flow. The more I hungerTo know God … Continue reading

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God is non-fiction — worship Him & see

Worship isn’tThe posture we takeOr the noise we makeIt’s when we forsakeOur focus on selfAnd allow God to rakeOur heart with His presenceAnd make us wide awakeTo His reality. AnyplaceYou open your heartIn honest and humbleAdoration of GodBecomes a placeOf … Continue reading

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So-so Christianity?

Jesus doesn’t sow so-so Christianity If we want to really growIn Christ the LordIt’s not enough to studyUntil we knowA lot of Bible information.We need to allow Jesus,The living WordTo plant and sow,Fertilize and hoe,And cause His seedsTo take deep … Continue reading

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Snake! Watch your step!

Snaky thinking says:“If it looks tasty, try it,”And asks us the question,“Did God really say not to eat it?”But choice without conscience(God’s truth in our heart),And self-steps without obedience(Based solely on ownDesires, feelings, and knowledge)Open our free willTo the deceptive … Continue reading

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Praying below the ceiling

Even when you feelLike your prayers don’t goAs high as the ceilingThat’s okay becauseThe Spirit of Christ isLower than the ceiling,Working inside His followersAnd actively revealingHis presence and powerOn our level.In the name ofJesus Christ of NazarethRise up and walk … Continue reading

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The inner calm of transfiguration

The transfiguration of ChristIsn’t theology to figure outBut a calling to live out.We can learn to be stillAnd listen to Jesus,Ignoring our own impulsive andSelf-motivated marching ordersThat satisfy our desireTo build monuments.Then Christ’s inner presenceCan release a movementOf living waterThat … Continue reading

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Blowing in the wind of ekklesia

The First Spirit-Led, Christ-Centered Town Hall Meeting (Ekklesia) Was Windy! The sound of mighty rushing windSpread visible spiritual fireTo all of Jesus’ gathered disciplesOpening their mouthsWith supernatural wordsAnd giving them boldnessTo hit the streetsRejoicing withThe living JesusSo that peopleFrom around … Continue reading

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Surrounded by voices from another world

We’re surrounded by another world That most people seldom notice; However, when we listen quietly, We can hear inner voices from there. One torments and seduces towards evil. The other comforts and steers towards love. The voice we learn to … Continue reading

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