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You can’t bury guilt

Humans spend much time and energy trying to bury their guilt, but humbly receiving and walking in Christ’s forgiveness is much more effective. Fully receiving and living in God’s forgiveness will greatly improve your mental health. Once you truly experience … Continue reading

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Everyone needs forgiveness

Self-justification might temporarily hide guilt and shame behind self-deception, but it can’t pull them out by the roots. The forgiveness that matters most is the forgiveness that removes guilt and shame. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who … Continue reading

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Supernatural hero, Jesus — full of justice and mercy

The hero in Christianity is Jesus. Exalt Him! All the rest of us have an equal status as His servants. If any Christian acts like he is superior to you, he’s being led by human ego, not by God’s Spirit. … Continue reading

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God always treats me better than I deserve

My life is fullOf gifts from GodThat I didn’t earnAnd I don’t deserve. My heart often fills up with undeserved joy. I owe God everything. I don’t deserve any blessing that He has given me. The more clearly I see … Continue reading

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She couldn’t forgive herself . . .

An older woman who was in love with Jesus confessed something to me that she had been trying to forgive herself for over many decades. She wept as she told me how as a young adult, she had helped a … Continue reading

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Mercy on my mind, y’all!

Mercy, who needs it? Self-proclaimed good people who believe in their merit are unaware of their need for mercy. I know that I desperately need it. Lord, have mercy! Mental health? Giving and receiving mercy is vital to our inner … Continue reading

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4 ways to deal with sin: Lie, justify, boast, or repent

Here are four ways that we can deal with our sin (wrongful attitudes and behaviors). 1) We can lie about our sin and deny it or ignore it. 2) We can justify it by offering many excuses and/or blaming. 3) … Continue reading

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Bland faith?

Christianity that fails to produce fire in your soul probably is something less that the real deal. Some people are afraid of blind faith, but I find bland faith far more frightening. Bland faith is powerless. Living faith opens eyes, transforms lives, … Continue reading

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Don’t sink your conscience — get it in sync . . .

People with a guilty conscience often feel like other people are judging them even when the judgment is coming from within. To clear your conscience, sincerely ask God (and anyone else you have offended) to forgive you. If you feel like … Continue reading

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Fireworks for supernaturalized citizens

A nation’s fireworks flash and are gone. Christ’s fireworks go on and on. Don’t miss out on them! Your soul was created to be ablaze with Christ’s fireworks, not to waste away in darkness. When God’s fireworks illuminate your heart, you … Continue reading

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