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Feelings, when blindly followed, are dangerous

Feelings are frequently false. When blindly followed, they can fake you out while filling you with arrogance. Our anger often confuses and deceives us, but kindness can guide us to truth. Beware of people who deceive people with false prophesies … Continue reading

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Be careful what you believe; many want to deceive

IQ and DQ (Deception Quotient) are not corelated. When the words won’t add up, there’s probably some deception in the equation. My own thoughts and feelings are deceptive. I have to wrestle them to get to truth. Life is a … Continue reading

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It takes courage to be fair & to recognize injustice.

It’s easy to spot unfairness when it’s against you (or people you care about) — harder when it’s against people you don’t like. Often it’s easier to see what your mind projects, instead of seeing what is really there. Then … Continue reading

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Kindness vs. approval

I won’t approve of behaviors I believe are wrong, but I will strive to be kind to everyone. To publicly approve of behaviors that you sincerely believe are morally wrong is to be hypocritical. Kindness isn’t approval of people’s beliefs … Continue reading

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It’s okay to say some things aren’t okay!

Every thought, feeling, desire, and action isn’t okay. Desire without self-control usually runs amuck. It’s okay to say that some things aren’t okay! We live in a culture where people feel entitled to demand other peoples’ approval of whatever they … Continue reading

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Some desires are bad!

The strength of a desire isn’t the measure of its correctness. Every desire isn’t desirable. Desires that defy your conscience should be resolutely refuted, resisted, and repulsed. Letting desire, rather than wise deliberation, lead in decision making seldom results in … Continue reading

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What are the essential beliefs for Christianity?

When Christians begin to think about and discuss unity, the question of doctrine always comes up. How do we overcome doctrinal disagreement? Augustine, a Christian brother who lived in the fourth century, answered that question this way: “In essentials, unity; … Continue reading

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Don’t throw the Bible out for the bathwater of deception

Let Scripture challenge & change your perceptions, feelings, & opinions. To depart from Scripture for human opinion is to dance with deception. To avoid deception: lay down your opinions, continually search the Scriptures, & always let God’s Spirit direct your heart … Continue reading

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False prophets & fake news confuse

We need clear reception of God’s perception so we can be an exception to deception. Reading the Bible with an open heart filters out the impurities in your thoughts. The Bible keeps our faith anchored to the objectivity of the … Continue reading

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