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Fear closing your heart to the risen Jesus and missing out on His mercy.

Words from the mind ramble on. Words from God’s Spirit roll with revelation like waves from Heaven. The inner release of Christ’s rushing rivers will cause your heart to runover with joy. Let God’s Spirit reveal to your heart the … Continue reading

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God’s free elevator ride

I believe that God’s salvation is like an elevator ride from the basement to the top floor of a huge skyscraper. Jesus is my elevator. I got in Christ years ago. I’m abiding in Christ now and if I don’t … Continue reading

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Salvation isn’t a business transaction–it’s a heart dance

Once when I was praying, these words came to my heart: “The worst condition a person can be in is to think they’re saved (and a Christ-follower) when they’re not.” Someone has said, “The Gospel is actually knowing God. ” … Continue reading

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