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Every day is Holy Spirit Day (Pentecost)

Pentecost was a Jewish feast day,A religious holidayCelebrated once a year,But when God’s Spirit camePentecost became a wayOf living every single dayOverflowing from withinWith God’s presence and powerWhile saying and doingWhatever the Spirit does say. May God meltThe chillIn Christian … Continue reading

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Pentecost & Spirit-flow

PentecostIsn’t a specialSunday service.It’s Spirit-flow,Rivers that runIn and throughUnblocked human heartsAnd continually spill overAs the beautiful attitudesOf the fruit of the SpiritAnd the awe-filled wonderOf God’s supernatural gifts.Jesus paid the costFor the SpiritTo flow through youEvery moment of every day!“Quench … Continue reading

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Church can be like a full 747 sitting on the tarmac with no fuel

Having church without the active leading of the Spirit is like sitting on the tarmac in a full 747 with no fuel. A plane full of people won’t go anywhere without fuel. Neither will a church without the supernatural working of … Continue reading

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Let’s “Flag Down” Another Pentecost!

Flagging down the Pentecostal Fire! –God’s fire fell on Pentecost and the early Christians stormed the world with passion for the living, resurrected Jesus Christ! –Salvation Army founder, William Booth, sang in the late 1800s: “Send the fire! Look down … Continue reading

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