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You might be a fake Christian if . . .

Jesus said that there will be many false prophets. Today people like to accuse journalists who disagree with them of presenting fake news. Maybe we need to be aware of fake Christianity. You might be a fake Christiam if . … Continue reading

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Even when life is unfair, try not to be a Pharisee

Beware. Controlling, religious Pharisees aren’t unique to the first century. In the Bible, religious leaders felt threatened by Jesus. Many still do today. (The Pharisees wanted to keep the living Jesus from disrupting their religion. Do we?) The Pharisees converted … Continue reading

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Christi-vanity & ego-gelicalism

Pride plus Christianity equals Christi-vanity. Christi-vanity is not essential. Humility is. “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Christi-vanity is void of heart-felt humility, meekness, sorrow, mourning, apology, and repentance. “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Christi-vanity … Continue reading

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Church can be like a full 747 sitting on the tarmac with no fuel

Having church without the active leading of the Spirit is like sitting on the tarmac in a full 747 with no fuel. A plane full of people won’t go anywhere without fuel. Neither will a church without the supernatural working of … Continue reading

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Religious demands or changed hearts?

Heaven’s open to all who follow Jesus. Perhaps the mic in church could be too. Christ did urge me to look beyond the clergy. (Acts 17:11) Pharisees make religious demands. The living Jesus changes human hearts! Religious rules and information without … Continue reading

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