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“All in” with Jesus?

As long as you’re holding out anything from Jesus, you’re not “all in” with Him! When you’re “all in” with Jesus, you don’t think that being radical for Him is fanatical. To be “all in” with Jesus is: “All in … Continue reading

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Biblical Christianity isn’t a theater. It’s a gym.

I was lying in bed from four this morning with a powerful thought running through my mind over and over. I was frustrated because I just wanted to go back to sleep. Suddenly these words came strongly into my mind. … Continue reading

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Stationary wasn’t stationary

Stationary was once popular, but it’s now becoming rare. It wasn’t stationary. Most mornings I wake up with a word in my mind that I get up and write about. Today my mind was empty, so I asked Jesus to … Continue reading

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Tune in to the resurrected Jesus . . .

I woke up this morning with the answer to the question, “How did you emerge on the other side of temptation?” running through my mind and heart before I read that question on a blog post just now. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Does your heart dance with Jesus?

Sermons can’t teach you to dance with the living Jesus. Let Him have your heart and lead you to always follow His steps. An unwilling heart won’t dance with Jesus. It avoids His presence. Hearing and saying religious words doesn’t … Continue reading

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Don’t just sit in church. Get up and obey God’s Spirit!

Jesus out of the church box so He can rule and reign in your heart. Take the risk to hear and do what His Spirit is saying. Begin to notice and obey His inner promptings throughout the day. I propose … Continue reading

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My identity

Son of God have mercy on me.My identityIs Christ in me,Not what I feelOr what I want,Or what I see,But dailyLetting JesusDirect meFrom within,And livingBy His mercy. “Christ in you,” the inner Jesus, is infinitely more than a church service … Continue reading

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Jesus? Active or inactive?

An inactive Jesus must be explained by sermons, but the living Jesus wants to actively demonstrate His presence. Shall we let Him? A tightly programmed and controlled church service reveals unbelief in the ability of the active Jesus to personally … Continue reading

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It’s simple to follow the invisible Leader

When the religious roof starts falling miracles happen! Here’s what I mean. The various forms religious establishment have something in common. They all want to be followed. But Jesus said: “Follow Me.” After Judas caused the roof to fall in … Continue reading

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Learn to be God’s Spirit-led marionette

Jesus is the puppeteer and Christians are the puppets. We need to let Him and Him alone pull our strings! Let the risen Jesus be your invisible puppeteer all day long! To successfully navigate the jungle of this life, learn … Continue reading

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