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Worship God and be the master of your desires, not their slave.

Humans tend to be led by desires (I want this,) opinions (I think this,) and emotions (I feel this,) instead of by God’s Spirit. Let God make you the master of your desires, not their slave. To believe is to … Continue reading

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The King who matters most says: “Love one another.”

The King of Kings says: “A new command I give you: Love one another.” We have no excuse for rebelling against Him. King Jesus is too often robbed of His authority. Like a figurehead king, He’s honored with words, but … Continue reading

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Christians should train like Navy Seals so they can follow Jesus better

If you don’t train your desires, emotions, and thoughts to align with truth and integrity, they’ll align you with self-deception. Overcoming temptation requires training, not just will power! Christianity’s not about settling into a comfort zone. It’s about rigorously training … Continue reading

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A casual decision to follow Jesus isn’t enough

Christians are called to a level of faith in Jesus that empowers them to relinquish all their rights to God. Press on! Discipleship is daily learning to freely relinquish your free will to the living, resurrected Jesus. A casual decision … Continue reading

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Being forged & refined by Jesus

Jesus is the wayBeyond pride,Beyond self-effort,And beyond despair.Let Jesus be the airYou breathe.Let Him continually fill youLike deep breathing,His Spirit,His very presenceAlways working inAnd through you.Even if you’re calledA “fool for Christ,”It’s spirituallyAdvantageousTo be so “poor in spirit”That your love … Continue reading

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Sentimental religious aspiration or dedicated discipleship application?

When you resistThe inner riversOf the Holy Spirit,You can cause themTo be stuck, stymied,Stalled and stagnantInside you.Instead, prepare the wayFor the Lord’s riversSo they can freely flowIn and through you.(“Quench not the Spirit.”) Sermon-hearing oftenLeads to aspirationAn inner wishTo live … Continue reading

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Wake up and stay awake

Physically the human body requires sleep. However, the human spirit, once awakened by the living Jesus and born again as a new creature in Christ needs no sleep. Its source of life and power isn’t human biology or physical energy, … Continue reading

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Training every Christian needs!

Every Christian needs to be trained to: Put and keep Jesus first! Get and stay passionately in love with Jesus! Keep their promises. Encourage and serve other people. Pray out loud with other people. Be kind to everyone. Hang out … Continue reading

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Time for a Spirit-led test drive

Test drive the Bible. Read it with an open heart and notice what it does inside you. If you never test drive your spirituality and experience Jesus behind the wheel, you’ll never know what He can do. The living Jesus … Continue reading

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Attendee-ship or discipleship

Much that ChristiansCall discipleshipSimply says,“Come beA church attendeeLike me.” Atendee-ship sinks. Discipleship sails through even the worst storms. Christian discipleship launches Christ-like spiritual heroes. Christian attendee-ship sinks people into spiritual purposelessness. The mask that blocks spiritual growth is the one … Continue reading

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