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The gods of human nature are deceptive

The gods of human nature are deceptive. When the impulses of the conscience are shut down, the gods of feeling and desire have free reign. Feelings and desires work better as our servants than as our gods. When we exalt … Continue reading

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If desires are controlling your life, then you’re not controlling it.

If feelings, desires, and opinions are running your life and defining your identity, then you aren’t the one in control of your life. Freedom is power over feelings, desires, and opinions, not surrender to them. Compulsive feelings and desires can … Continue reading

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Our thoughts & feelings produce many mirages

Life is full of mirages. The way things seem to your senses isn’t always the way they really are. Our consciousness contains both illusion and truth. It’s important to separate the two. Be attentive to your inner self. You can … Continue reading

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Deception can be appealing

Deception is often appealing. That’s why it’s so easy to fall into it. Your view on the truth isn’t the whole story. Neither is mine. Things often aren’t the way they seem. If we don’t look deeper we can be … Continue reading

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What would Jesus do? Speak boldly against religious leaders! Woes to help us whoa.

I’ve just finished reading Matthew and this time I have noticed something I never paid much attention to in my previous readings. Jesus is very hard on the religious leaders of His day and speaks out boldly against them. Jesus … Continue reading

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Thoughts beyond the “laity” lie

It’s hard to understand other people’s perspective when we have callouses on our heart. Open, caring interaction and sharing in a gathering of Christ-followers is spiritually revolutionary, but formal religion avoids it. Laity is a lie. There is no laity. … Continue reading

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Don’t throw the Bible out for the bathwater of deception

Let Scripture challenge & change your perceptions, feelings, & opinions. To depart from Scripture for human opinion is to dance with deception. To avoid deception: lay down your opinions, continually search the Scriptures, & always let God’s Spirit direct your heart … Continue reading

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False prophets & fake news confuse

We need clear reception of God’s perception so we can be an exception to deception. Reading the Bible with an open heart filters out the impurities in your thoughts. The Bible keeps our faith anchored to the objectivity of the … Continue reading

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Truth & error & discernment; say what?

Strive to know and live truth; and to avoid error. Clear discernment of truth is a gift of God that needs to be continually sought. Truth and error matter; and Christ-followers need to know the difference. Even if error is … Continue reading

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Before you bite the bait of deception check the Bible.

False teaching is everywhere. Before you bite the bait, check the Bible.  Here’s an important warning from Jesus: “Watch out that no one deceives you.” Counterfeit Christianity appears real until you check the details with the Bible. Jesus warned of “wolves … Continue reading

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