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The right (respite) to be kind

The first step to inner peace is to take a respite from your anxiety and anger. Then exercise your right to be kind. It’s good to take a respite from our own opinions and attend to the voice of conscience. … Continue reading

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Words that provoke hate are never great

Hate won’t makeAmerica great.It will make itDisintegrate. It’s not right to be impolite. Every human deserves respect. Confident people are polite to everyone. Insecurity causes people to be impolite. To polarize the people of a nation releases much indignation. Mounting … Continue reading

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Suggestions for humans

Fellow humans: Let’s treat each other with high regard. After all, everyone of us is a miracle. People who insult people disrespect the human race. The human race has no subsets. We’re all the same breed. You’re not “different”! When … Continue reading

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What is a person?

A human being is amazing,Making individual choices,Having feelings and thoughts,Able to comprehend conceptsAnd communicate ideas and information.Learn to appreciate this creature,For you are oneAnd so am I.

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Their lives matter (no matter who they are) . . .

Look around you, near and far. Their lives matter (no matter who “they” are)! American revolutionary question: If the tea tax on the Colonies was “tyranny,” what was skin-color-based slavery? Here’s America’s great contradiction: The Founding Fathers were surrounded by … Continue reading

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Reproductive blights on “all lives matter”

Perhaps babies are conceived to be received with love, not to be ripped apart by prenatal violence. Abortions are reproductive blights, not “reproductive rights.” Disposable human life is a terrible concept. Here are two major blights on American history: 1) … Continue reading

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When the freedom to be born is randomly denied, all freedoms threatened.

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Democracy, human rights, & speaking truth in love

Human rights are standard equipment with human life. They cannot be taken away by any government, (but they can be violated). Oppressed people have as many human rights as anybody, but their government and/or institutions or individuals ignore their rights. … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “unborn person”

Hillary Clinton said, “The unborn person has no constitutional rights.” That statement threatens the rights of us all. If we can deny the rights of “the unborn person” then what is going to stop us from denying rights to some other type … Continue reading

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What To Do When Culture Conflicts With The Bible

When I read the Bible, I encounter the living God and He speaks to me; comforts me; calls me, challenges me, inspires me, and strengthens me. I’ve read the Bible almost daily for 45 years and I stand by it … Continue reading

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