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Reckless speech is costly

Reckless speech is as dangerous as reckless driving. Caution matters. Angry, hostile words, cause combative situations and destroy relationships Attacking people with a verbal log isn’t dialogue. It’s bullying. Unfortunately, the freedom of speech seems to have become more about … Continue reading

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Beyond the verbal mauling, Jesus is calling

I want to live in a country of great kindness, not a hate-filled one! Too many Americans are running with the bullies–trampling each other with arrogance. It doesn’t appear that America has increased in greatness lately. We’re spiraling down. Today’s … Continue reading

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Words that provoke hate are never great

Hate won’t makeAmerica great.It will make itDisintegrate. It’s not right to be impolite. Every human deserves respect. Confident people are polite to everyone. Insecurity causes people to be impolite. To polarize the people of a nation releases much indignation. Mounting … Continue reading

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People with needy egos vilify others

To try to make themselves look and feel important, insecure people will sometimes vilify other people. A needy ego tends to vilify anyone or anything that it sees as a hinderance. A mature leader takes responsibility. An immature one engages … Continue reading

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My group / your group — disdain isn’t sane . . .

True self-esteem never needs someone to look down on and never results in insults. It never needs to criticize other people in order to feel good about self. My group, your group, When we jump thru that hoop, What we … Continue reading

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Scaramucci words!

New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci threw a profanity-filled temper tantrum at New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza. He published it. Although I’m not going to read Anthony’s vulgar rant, the news reports about it helped inspire these thoughts. You can’t … Continue reading

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Faith is a fight not a fiesta.

Faith is a fight not a fiesta. To love is to care deeply about someone, even if he/she disagrees with you. If your heart is full of love, your words will be, too! If you don’t learn to love, follow, … Continue reading

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Replacing hate (in its many forms) with love!

Accusations of hate are quite common in our culture. Hatred can be defined as: holding and/or expressing hostility, animosity, enmity, ill will, or extreme dislike. Perhaps hate is widespread. Could all these be forms of hate? * Bullying? * Stealing? * … Continue reading

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H8 is 2 much fr8 2 carry through life!

Deb8 is no reason 2 h8!

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Questioning The Golden Globe Awards

Why settle for simply seeing the Golden Globes when Christ wants to give you a glorious new heart of gold? What good is the best dressed body, if your heart is a mess? The 2014 Golden Globes even included hate … Continue reading

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