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Make no room for rumors

The more room you make for rumors, the more they mushroom in your mind. A rumor consumer is guided more by emotions than by facts. Rumor spreaders give rumor makers too much power. Perhaps it’s easy to believe that people … Continue reading

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Reckless speech is costly

Reckless speech is as dangerous as reckless driving. Caution matters. Angry, hostile words, cause combative situations and destroy relationships Attacking people with a verbal log isn’t dialogue. It’s bullying. Unfortunately, the freedom of speech seems to have become more about … Continue reading

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Free speech, used carelessly, can be very costly

The freedom of speech isn’t a victimless right. When abused it can do much harm. If you can’t disagree with politeness, you have too much uptightness. Before you fight, try being polite. “Speaking the truth in love” is powerful. Verbal … Continue reading

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Self-think & kindly use your freedom of speech

The next time you want to put people in their place, honor them as being made in the image of the living God (even if you disagree with them). When I look at nature, I see marvelous acts of precision … Continue reading

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History beyond the myths

Like the Pharisees, we can miss what God’s doing in our time, because of our religion. Looking beyond our myths can help us avoid their mistake. Myths and statues have been used as cover-ups in an ongoing attempt to make … Continue reading

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All views in this blog are mine . . .

All views expressed in this blog are mine. If they don’t match your views, that’s okay. I could be wrong. Pride can easily make me blind to injustice. It can cause me to believe that people must have done something … Continue reading

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To drink Sprite is one thing; spite is another

Spite, the desire to hurt others, indicates the absence of love and compassion. Unforgiveness leads to spite and malice — the insanity of intentionally hurting others to make yourself feel better. Malice and mercy are opposites. Mercy requires much more … Continue reading

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Does American religion deny the freedom of speech?

Does religion restrict the freedom of speech? –The First Amendment to the American Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. –So given such freedom, why do American churches almost universally follow a form or religion that … Continue reading

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When 5 Judges’ Opinion Can Villanize Those Who Disagree

When political correctness pushes freedom of speech into the closet and people are harshly judged for speaking up about ethical standards and bullied into silence; when commitment to conscience is coerced into conformity to culture’s compulsive cravings and harshly called … Continue reading

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Tattoos, Texting, Talk Radio, Polls, Piercings, Social Media, Reality TV & Other Self-Expression

In our contemporary culture of constant, clamoring self-expression (tattoos, texting, talk radio, opinion polls, piercings, social media, reality TV, etc.), there’s no reason Christ-followers shouldn’t courageously and continually express their faith in Christ! I LOVE JESUS! HE’S AWESOME! I WANT TO … Continue reading

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