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Tribute to His majesty, my Monarch!

Like a monarch butterflyThe kingdom of GodLooks for a place to landIn your heart. The monarch who matters most is the ever-living, ever-present King Jesus. King Jesus can set you free from the tyranny of your own desires. The monarchy … Continue reading

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If King Jesus isn’t first in your life, you’re out of sync with Him

When we’re out of sync with God we sink into sin. When we’re in sync with Him we let King Jesus lead us. When you find your life sinking, start syncing with Jesus and you’ll rise. Before you speak, lip-sync … Continue reading

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The Jesus-first community obeys King Jesus

The Jesus-first communityExperiences ongoingHeart-to-heart unityAnd takes every opportunityTo glorify Him. Ask not, “Where do you go to church?” Ask, “How do you connect with the Jesus-first community?” The Jesus-first community consists of Christ-followers who interact heart-to-heart with the living Jesus … Continue reading

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God’s present day intervention (the kingdom of God)

If we don’t pay attention, we fail to notice many God interventions. Watch for them. The Good News of the kingdom of God, is that Jesus is personally available to intervene in your life and to forgive, heal, and set … Continue reading

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The kingdom of God is about kindness

Anger and hate don’t make greatness. Kindness does. Christianity is supposed to be about kindness. Kindness is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Humanity matters in all of its shapes, stages, and colors. Jesus invites whosoever will” to … Continue reading

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True hope doesn’t come from political ideologies

True hope doesn’t come from political ideologies or human governments. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Jesus announced the kingdom of God to establish His government within human hearts. The kingdom of God consists of all people who follow … Continue reading

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Je suis un Salutiste! (I am a Salvationist!)

Je suis un Salutiste! (I am a Salvationist!) A terrorist wants to fill people with fear, anxiety, and intimidation. A Salvationist wants to set people free from fear, anxiety, and intimidation. (Salvationist — 1) a person who preaches salvation, deliverance … Continue reading

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