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If King Jesus isn’t first in your life, you’re out of sync with Him

When we’re out of sync with God we sink into sin. When we’re in sync with Him we let King Jesus lead us. When you find your life sinking, start syncing with Jesus and you’ll rise. Before you speak, lip-sync … Continue reading

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The Jesus-first community obeys King Jesus

The Jesus-first communityExperiences ongoingHeart-to-heart unityAnd takes every opportunityTo glorify Him. Ask not, “Where do you go to church?” Ask, “How do you connect with the Jesus-first community?” The Jesus-first community consists of Christ-followers who interact heart-to-heart with the living Jesus … Continue reading

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Jesus first! (Avoid “Christian factionalism.”)

When Christ-followers allow human opinions, policies, ideas, or governments to divide them and make them hostile toward each other, they abandon the unity of the Spirit. The result is Christian factionalism. Human authority systems are unredeemable because they are operated … Continue reading

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“Jesus 1st,” says it all!

Before my desires, Before my feelings, Before my opinions, Before my ego, Before my career, Before my bank account, Before my possessions, Before my church, Before my nation, Before my family. First means first.

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The calling on Christians is not to make a country great, but to proclaim, demonstrate, and reveal the greatness of Jesus!

One is a much higher purpose than the other. One is eternal. The other is temporary.

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The joy of being a Jesus-first person

When the risen Jesus is priority one, it clearly shines through what a person says and does. Jesus-first people keep Jesus always on their mind and overflowing from their heart. They are so filled with joy and excitement about what … Continue reading

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Jesus chose . . .

Jesus choseLove, not force,Humility, not pride,Truth, not deception. Jesus first:Before self,Before money,Before a nation,Before pleasure.Matthew 6:33. To approach Jesus as just a religious idea or concept is to miss out the glorious reality of “Christ in you.” Christianity was never … Continue reading

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Be a patriot of the kingdom of God. Jesus first!

Invisible kingdoms compete for your allegiance: A) The kingdom of self;   B) The kingdom of darkness; and C) The kingdom of God. The kingdom of God manifests when people obey the living Jesus instead of their own feelings, dearies, or … Continue reading

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