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If your life feels off track . . .

When you feel like your life is off track, it is. No matter how hard we try no person is ever perfectly aligned with truth and reality. We can never exert enough self-effort to do everything right. No matter how … Continue reading

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Excuses have no good uses

Excuses are a popular type of denial. A happy life can’t be built on a foundation of excuses. Make hope, not excuses. We think excuses protect our pride, but all they really do is hide our hope. An honest confession … Continue reading

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The lures that flyfish in your mind

The moreWe allow sinTo numbOur conscienceThe more dumbThings we say and do. Beware of the temptations that flyfish in your mind with enticing lures to yank you out of the inner river of life-giving joy. When you let your desires … Continue reading

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How I realized I’m a mess without Jesus

I used to compare my behaviors to the worst human behaviors that I knew about. By that standard I believed that I was a good person with a good inner instrument panel. Then one day I had an encounter with … Continue reading

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Is a Christian still a sinner?

It’s easy to see sins in other people; it’s much harder to see them in yourself. It’s easy to “plead the 5th” and hide your sins, but until you confess them and receive forgiveness, they’ll cause you much misery. To … Continue reading

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Don’t follow your heart when it tries to lead you into bad choices. Choose to make your life a wonder, not a blunder. When you let your feelings make your choices, you’re in for a reckless ride. Choose thoughts, words, and actions … Continue reading

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Who’s responsible for evil?

When you speak out against evil and wrongdoing, don’t ignore your own life and heart. If you watch evil, think evil, are entertained by evil, you’ll have a hard time not embracing evil and being influenced by it. If we won’t allow … Continue reading

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Priests behaving badly in Pensylvania

A grand jury report issued on August 14 revealed that Roman Catholic bishops in Pennsylvania covered up child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests that took place over a period of 70 years. (A week before that numerous allegations … Continue reading

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If you haven’t heard, perhaps your being herded

If you haven’t heard Christ’s living words burning in your heart, it’s easy to follow the herd. Are you being herded? When God blazes a new trail in your heart, it often creates a mismatch with religious tradition. Jesus’ way or … Continue reading

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Fireworks for supernaturalized citizens

A nation’s fireworks flash and are gone. Christ’s fireworks go on and on. Don’t miss out on them! Your soul was created to be ablaze with Christ’s fireworks, not to waste away in darkness. When God’s fireworks illuminate your heart, you … Continue reading

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