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Church — In Sync or Spontaneous?

During praise and worship an image came to my mind. I saw a group of people, all neatly facing the front of the room, sitting at banquet tables with full plates in front of them. Then I saw a man … Continue reading

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Is The Living Christ Allowed To Lead Easter Sunday Church Services?

Since all Christian denominations claim and proclaim that Jesus Christ is actually risen from the dead and is still alive, shouldn’t Christ be allowed to control and direct an Easter Sunday church service?  In other words, should an Easter Sunday … Continue reading

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I’m Livin’ My Dream In Nashville

I am seeing a dream come true right here in Nashville.  It is so exciting. For 40 years, I’ve dreamed that a church meeting could operate without the programming, control, and/or direction of a human leader. I’ve searched the country … Continue reading

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