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The parable of the author’s wife (Jesus isn’t a baby anymore)

There was once a famous author whose wife mostly ignored and rarely communicated with him. She did however attend a book club where she heard a weekly lecture about him and his books, and she enjoyed looking at his baby … Continue reading

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Making the most of the marvelous mystery of Christ in you . . .

To delight in what you desire is death. To delight in what God desires is life. Grace isn’t the end of salvation. It’s the beginning. Christ comes into people as a seed. In a heart that is poor in spirit, … Continue reading

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The “Jesus-verse” is better than the metaverse!

People get excited about the virtual experiences of the metaverse. I prefer the transcending experiences of the “Jesus-verse.” Until you have interoperability with the living Jesus, life will feel incomplete. The experience of the “Jesus-verse” is immersive. It surrounds you … Continue reading

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Amazing grace & amazing mysticism

Amazing grace and amazing mysticism both demonstrate God’s glory! Let’s embrace them both! Christian mysticism is to experience direct connection with and communication from the living resurrected Heaven-based Jesus through His real-life presence in the ever-present Holy Spirit. It’s not … Continue reading

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4 men, an elephant & the Bible . . .

4 men & an elephant can give you great insight into the Bible. Check this out! When people tell you that there are contradictions in the Bible; think about an elephant. (To make sense of that statement, watch the first … Continue reading

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A Christian tribute to Stephen Hawking (with quotes)

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to me and many millions of people. I’m sad to hear of his passing on Albert Einstein’s birthday. I wrote this about Hawking after seeing the movie of his life, The Theory Of Everything. Did … Continue reading

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Ask not how a pastor can minister to you. Ask how you can minister to others!

Ask not how a pastor can minister to you. Ask how you can minister to others! People besides a preacher have something to say from God. Why not let them speak up in church? When many people freely speak, we … Continue reading

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Why I’ve read hundreds of dead writers . . .

Reading writings by Christ-loving men & women who lived in the past has helped me to know truth, not just as doctrines, but also as fire in my bones. Those authors have been my mentors, helping me continually connect with … Continue reading

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Look past the future into the Presence! YOLO!

A present for your future: Give your future a present. Leave your past in the past. Look past the future into the Presence! YOLO! Do you have time?

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Historical Jesus or Just Now Jesus?

Some scholars are trying to find the historical Jesus. I prefer the “just now Jesus” who is present and active, right now, in the 21st Century (and much easier to find)! Perhaps we crowd church meetings with too much control … Continue reading

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