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A Jesus revolution replaces heart earplugs with inner earbuds.

A sincere prayer: Holy Spirit, please touch everyone who reads this with an instant and powerful manifestation of Your presence. The inner earplugs of pride and self-focus keep us from hearing God’s Spirit. The worst hearing loss is the unwillingness … Continue reading

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Let go and let Jesus lead!

Wake up. To be numb inside is to miss out on Christ’s internal life. Embrace the lifestyle of binge-watching the risen Jesus and internally streaming the author and finisher of the faith. Quick Christianity served up as a tidy Sunday … Continue reading

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10 better questions than “Where do you go to church?”

Christians need to be Christ-controlled not church-controlled. It’s much more important to focus on connecting with and staying connected to the risen Jesus than it is to join a religious organization. Teaching Christianity with sermons is like teaching swimming with … Continue reading

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Don’t believe in the absentee Jesus!

I once thought JesusWas an absenteeFar away from me.Then I opened my heartAnd now Christ in meFills me with gloryAnd inner victory. Jesus invites people,“Come unto Me.”He doesn’t want to beAn absenteeIn your life. Jesus is an absenteeFrom the tombSo … Continue reading

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There’s no perfect church but there is a perfect Savior!

To go to JesusYou don’t need to goTo a special building.You can go to HimAny time and any place.All you need to doIs to open and surrenderYour heart to HimAnd He’ll be there! Being led by God’s Spirit,Christ in you,Who … Continue reading

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God opens & closes doors

Automatic doorsOpen and closeOn my life’s journey:Sudden disappointments,And surprise opportunities.Yet some how I knowThat God runs the showLike He did when JosephWas wrongfully sent to jailSo he could be chosenTo rule Egypt for Pharoah. When God closes a door and … Continue reading

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Some of my frequent God-assignments

Some of my most frequent God-assignments are: Apologize, Be kind to people who are unkind to me, Read the Bible and let it touch my heart, Pray, worship, and exercise spiritual gifts with my wife. “Consider others better than yourself.” … Continue reading

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Spirit-led, heart-to-heart connection

Group prayerIs an opportunity to shareYour heart with GodAnd with those who careTo be in prayerWith you. Jesus wants His followers to gather in Spirit-led, heart-to-heart connection. We can’t be consciously connected heart-to-heart unless we honestly, humbly, and compassionately open … Continue reading

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When God gives you a nudge, don’t refuse to budge

To refuse to budgeWhen God gives a nudgeIs to quench the Spirit.The Bible says not to do that. To put your desiresAhead of the Spirit’s leadingIs stompingGod’s prompting. Inclination and impulseCan be godly or ungodly.It’s important toKnow the difference. Christians … Continue reading

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Christianity is either human-desire-led or Spirit-led

When Christians are led by our own desires, we disagree with and separate from each other; when Spirit-led we unite heart-to-heart. Church separates Christians into thousands of groups, denominations, and tribes, but Jesus prayed that we all be one. Church … Continue reading

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