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Don’t worry, be cheerful; here’s how . . .

Happiness can be remembered in the past and looked forward to in the future, but it’s made in the present moment. Be happy now. Cheerfulness unexpressed, tends to wither away, but when shared with other people, it grows. Life is … Continue reading

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Happiness lies beyond self-focus

If you’re discouraged, get out of your self-focus and do something to encourage others. Self-focused decisions often cause more problems than they solve. When minor things get an emotional hold on you, life becomes consumed with triviality. Much, that clamors … Continue reading

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Joyful thoughts to give you joy

Too often we let the weeds of life overrun and destroy our joy, gladness, and delight. An unhappy heart needs weeding. Joy is contagious, but you can’t catch it from unhappy people or from people who mask their heart. Life … Continue reading

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Diversion from self-focus is the road to happiness.

If you can use your thoughts to make yourself unhappy, you can learn to use them to make yourself happy. When your mind is focused away from yourself and on positive and enjoyable things or activities, that’s happiness. Diversion from … Continue reading

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Grow some happiness

If you don’t learn how to grow happiness inside of your heart, you won’t find it anywhere you go and nothing you get can produce it. Life goes better when you go better! Don’t just say the same. Improve your conversation … Continue reading

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No need to be sad or boring–the Bible says, “Rejoice.”

No need to be sad, dull, or boring. The Bible says to “rejoice.”

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Self-forgetting is invigorating

A mind set on self is often upset. Self-focus is a ball & chain. To be selfless is to run free. A pampered “self” is never fully satisfied. Self-forgetting is the key to happiness. Self-interest is such a tiny & … Continue reading

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Letting Heaven’s culture freely flow

Jesus revealed Heaven’s culture. His disciples wrote it down. Now let’s follow the risen Jesus & the Bible and daily live it out! Son-gazing will release God’s flow. (Hebrews 12:2) It’s not enough to be in the know. We also … Continue reading

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Are you happy now?

Self-focus forfeits happiness. Asking, “Am I happy?” opens the door to unhappiness. A key ingredient in the pursuit of happiness is self-forgetting. You are the one who is painting the canvas of your life. How you doing with it? Could … Continue reading

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Some things make more happy-sense . . .

People talk about common sense — basic wisdom for living well. But people also need happy-sense — the insight to live happy. Much unhappiness is self-made. Everyday decisions are determining your destiny: joy, mediocrity, or misery. To stop doing, thinking, … Continue reading

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