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Jesus was glorified by interruptions!

Many of Jesus’ teachings, healings, and miracles were in response to interruptions. Perhaps by shutting down interruptions churches shut down Jesus. Roof altering (miracle manifesting) interruptions? (See Luke 5:17-26.) History shows that an eruption of revival and spiritual awakening will … Continue reading

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Christianity unapplied is Christianity denied

ChristianityAppliedIs to letThe risenJesusResideInsideAnd beYour innerGuide. AnythingThat tellsOr compelsYou to quenchThe Holy SpiritIs contraryTo God. If you never overflow with heart-felt expressions of faith in and love for Jesus, there may be a kink in your spiritual hose. Spirit-prompted expressions … Continue reading

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I was prompted to think about promptings

I was reading through Proverbs when a prompting to instead read Galatians chapter five came to my mind. I acted on the prompting. As I read the chapter, the words on the page prompted these thoughts in my heart. True … Continue reading

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