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The Holy Spirit is fiery (not recommended for casual Christians)

The Holy Spirit is fiery. He came with flames of fire at Pentecost. When not quenched, He burns in human hearts. He disturbs casual, lukewarm Christianity. Thus, He’s not welcome and His leadership isn’t wanted or appreciated in most religious … Continue reading

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Hot thoughts and perky poems for starting spiritual fires

Christians have too low a view of Jesus. He is the Creator of everything and became a man. He is ever-present and all powerful. Yet few of us believe that Jesus can lead a church service all by Himself. If … Continue reading

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Religious zombieness & institutions called churches

To be inA ChristianComfort-zoneIs to beZoned-outBy religiousZombieness. Institutions called churchesSeem to lack the ability toStir up and maintainIn the heartsOf their membersA spreading fireOf ever-burning desireTo follow Jesus.They tend toMake people comfortableAnd predictableInstead of training themTo be vulnerableAnd bendableTo the … Continue reading

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Fire is hot–never lukewarm

Start a heart-fire.Ask God to give youA burning desireTo know JesusBetter. The fire of God must be demonstrated. It can’t be taught or explained. It transcends human rationality. Fire is hot. It’s never lukewarm. Lukewarm Christians have abandoned God’s fire. … Continue reading

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Fiery faith, not fairy faith (Be the one!)

We need fiery faith, not fairy faith–flaming faith, not sedating faith–blazes of glory, not boring story. Sensing the splendor of God far surpasses sitting thru sermons filled with sweet theological speculation. The world needs to see phenomenal Christ-followers who radiate … Continue reading

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God’s holy fire (Mt Carmel to Emmaus to you)

Our watered-down heartsNeed to be set ablazeBy the living wordsOf the risen JesusSo that theyBurn within usLike they didIn the brothersOn the roadTo Emmaus,Red-hot,Not luke-warm.Be like Elijah.Ask God for heart-fireAnd let it make youA living sacrifice–A spreader ofGod’s gloryEverywhere you … Continue reading

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The question that changed my life . . .

Sitting in church once,Thinking I was a Christian,This question came to me:“If you were born a Hindu,What would you be today?”After some thought, I answered,“I’d be a Hindu.”Then another thoughtPounced into my brain,“Why do you think you’re a Christian?”Suddenly I … Continue reading

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Don’t settle for Christiapathy

It’s easy to miss out on miracles if you’re not willing to look for one. A dead church is out of sync with the risen Jesus. It saddens me that church services are often run as if Jesus is dead and … Continue reading

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This dynamic best seller is a fire starter!

Communication is a form of creation. Words paint images. Read the Bible and let the words God spoke in the past paint your heart today. Much in the Bible I don’t understand, but the parts I do understand have transformed my … Continue reading

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Follow a burning book down the Fire Lane!

The Bible is the FIRE LANE that will lead you to the living Jesus and help ignite His fire in your heart & life! It’s a living, burning book. Spend some time in the FIRE LANE everyday see for yourself. If … Continue reading

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