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The Holy Spirit is fiery (not recommended for casual Christians)

The Holy Spirit is fiery. He came with flames of fire at Pentecost. When not quenched, He burns in human hearts. He disturbs casual, lukewarm Christianity. Thus, He’s not welcome and His leadership isn’t wanted or appreciated in most religious … Continue reading

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Lukewarm isn’t good . . .

Half-hearted Christianity is full-scale deception. “Lukewarm” isn’t good. Anything that shuts your heart down toward Jesus is unchristian. Wholehearted Christians stir things up with their passion for Christ. Many church attendees are easily freaked out by a wholehearted Christian. Sports … Continue reading

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Neither Starbucks or Jesus likes lukewarm . . .

Lukewarm Christianity tends to scold people who are ice cold, stop those who are red hot, and entertain the rest. See Revelation 3:16 Cold Christianity ignores the living Jesus. Hot adores Him. Lukewarm bores the people in between. Hot Christianity … Continue reading

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Lukewarm is not a book of the Bible!

Some Christians ack like they think that the Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Lukewarm, and John. However, when you read the Gospels with an open heart, they’re on fire! Lukewarm Christianity can’t satisfy a hungry heart, but the reality of the … Continue reading

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