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Praying with diverse Christ-followers

My wife and I have for years have been praying heart-to-heart with diverse Christ-followers (from various churches and even those who are done with traditional church). On the phone, online, or in person, we meet with one or more other … Continue reading

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Climb to the top of the cone

Unless youPursueJesus first,ReligiousPassivityWill subdueYou. People have a need to be heard. God is always listening but few church services allow any time for ordinary people to be heard. Christianity’s not about people lined up in seated passivity. It’s about active … Continue reading

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The body of Christ needs no church name

The body of ChristIsn’t recognizedBy the name of a churchBut by supernatural love. Anybody canTalk to Jesus,Anywhere and anytime.You don’t needA preacherOr a churchTo pray. There’s only oneGroup of Christians,The body of Christ,Scattered thru the world. Grace:The body of ChristIsn’t … Continue reading

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Unity in the body of Christ (ekklesia) must include racial diversity, respect, & equality

There is much conversation about unity in the body of Christ and that’s a very important, biblical concept. In fact, the idea comes from Jesus, Himself, and from His prayer in John 17, where He prays that His followers be … Continue reading

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