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Wretched me

“O wretched man that I am.” I woke up with these thoughts and responses running through my mind this morning: Thought: When I’m discouraged. Response: Lord Jesus, fill my heart! Thought: When I’m sad. Response: Lord Jesus, fill my heart! … Continue reading

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Jesus is the reason I have hope in every season!

The church calendar tries to fit Jesus into seasonal categories, but the Bible says that Jesus is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Never make Jesus seasonal! Jesus is the reason I stay excited about being alive! He’s the reason … Continue reading

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Desperation can lead to freedom and joy

Your heart-cry doesn’t echo in a canyon of inner emptiness. It continually reverberates within you, ever calling you to wake up to deeper reality. In the recovery community the desperation that leads to freedom and joy is called “hitting bottom.” … Continue reading

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God opens & closes doors

Automatic doorsOpen and closeOn my life’s journey:Sudden disappointments,And surprise opportunities.Yet some how I knowThat God runs the showLike He did when JosephWas wrongfully sent to jailSo he could be chosenTo rule Egypt for Pharoah. When God closes a door and … Continue reading

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Mental wealth makes your heart rich

Mental wealth matters. Make your mind a treasure chest of beautiful thoughts. It’s good to have money, but mental wealth is more important. Too many people hope for riches instead of enjoying the riches of hope. Peace of mind is … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons (16 alternatives to lemonade)

We’ve all heard the popular phrase about what to do when life gives you lemons.  But what if you don’t want (or like) lemonade? Perhaps we could learn from inventor, George Washington Carter, (who came up with hundreds of things … Continue reading

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Do fishy, smelly words jump into your mind?

People become like the words they think, say, write, hear, & read. Do you need a change in words? Lay down put-down words & take up uplifting words! Holy Spirit promptings, when humbly obeyed, turn into amazing God moments! When first coming to … Continue reading

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Ask not how a pastor can minister to you. Ask how you can minister to others!

Ask not how a pastor can minister to you. Ask how you can minister to others! People besides a preacher have something to say from God. Why not let them speak up in church? When many people freely speak, we … Continue reading

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Are you happy now?

Self-focus forfeits happiness. Asking, “Am I happy?” opens the door to unhappiness. A key ingredient in the pursuit of happiness is self-forgetting. You are the one who is painting the canvas of your life. How you doing with it? Could … Continue reading

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ITM: Invisible Things Matter Most

Invisible things matter: “We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” Invisible things matter: You can’t see hope but you can’t live … Continue reading

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