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Is self-love a pleasurable path?

Self-love often leads people down the deceptive path of self-gratification, but self-focused desires are never fully gratified. Many of the modern movements away from Christian morality use self-love as their justification. People who refuse to heed their need for self-control … Continue reading

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Is “You’re very self-loving,” a compliment?

It’s not a compliment to tell someone, “You are very self-loving.” When you tell someone, “I love you,” you wouldn’t want them to say, “I love me, too.” Your hope is that they will express love back to you. I … Continue reading

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Self-forgetfulness is powerful. Try it.

My will and God’s willAre often in conflictAnd then I must chooseWho’s will to restrict.And who’s will to pick.The more I love my will,The harder it is to say,“Not my will,But Yours be done.” Self-focusBlurs realityAnd makes me forgetThat it’s … Continue reading

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God’s love can’t hatch when we’re self-attached.

If you deny yourselfAnd let God’s love hatchDeep within your heartIt will strike a matchThat will set you ablazeIn the hazeOf this worldAnd loose the latchOf self-loveThat holds you in bondage. Ego and prideTry to hideIn the shellOf self-love. The … Continue reading

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If you didn’t already love yourself, you wouldn’t . . .

Humans love themselves but we’re not so good at loving God and our neighbors. You love yourself because if you didn’t you wouldn’t: Self-love is no stronger than we are, but God’s love is as powerful as He is. Self-love … Continue reading

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Self-focus is confusing, not identifying

Self-denial’s notSelf-sacrifice,But a pearlOf great priceThat leadsTo paradise. Self-focus blurs everything else. Self is like a telescope. If you focus on it, you won’t see much but if you use it to look beyond it, you’ll see a glorious universe. … Continue reading

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Distractions are subtractions that take away your sense of purpose.

If you never click the delete icon in your mind, you’ll live distracted all the time. Distraction isn’t a disorder. It’s the lack of rigorous self-control. Look not at what isn’t good to see. Click not where going isn’t good … Continue reading

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What can decode me and my identity?

As long asOur thoughtsAre a messAnd our inner lifeIs full of stressWe know far lessAbout our identityThan we think we do. When you thinkOther peopleAre very different than you,It’s just not true.We all haveThe same identity–Human. Our prideTends to hideThe … Continue reading

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Self-focus (like “hocus pocus”) makes happiness disappear

Self-focusLike hocus pocusMakes happinessMagically disappear. The greater your self-focus, the less will be your happiness. The more you define happiness, the harder it is to find. Happiness is discovered through simple joys, not by a detailed, self-focused plan. Our self-focused … Continue reading

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A lens to bring life into focus.

Don’t get so focused on “loving yourself” that you neglect to show love to others. Seeking self-fulfillment produces continual frustration. Surrendering to the risen Jesus releases a soothing flow of inner peace. You can see life much more clearly through … Continue reading

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