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Learn to be God’s Spirit-led marionette

Jesus is the puppeteer and Christians are the puppets. We need to let Him and Him alone pull our strings! Let the risen Jesus be your invisible puppeteer all day long! To successfully navigate the jungle of this life, learn … Continue reading

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Jesus isn’t seasonal!

Timeless JesusEver freshAnd refreshing,No matter the yearLet Him give youA heart that’sBrand-new. If you don’t remainChrist-centeredAnd surrenderedTo His daily reignHope begins to drainAnd life becomes a pain.It’s essential toEstablish and maintainIntimacy with Jesus. A weeklyChurchy nodTo JesusIsn’t aLightening rodFor protectionFrom … Continue reading

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The call that’s out of this world!

The New Testament calls Christians the “called out ones.” That’s the literal meaning of the Greek word that is translated as “church” in most English Bibles. Christ-followers are called to no longer be conformed to the cultures of this world … Continue reading

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Thinking about Jesus-first people

I love to spend time with people who keep Jesus first in their heart and lifestyle. Although they seem to be distracted from much of the details and desires of daily life, they have a burning focus on Jesus. They … Continue reading

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Christ-like people inspire me!

Be an exampleOf ChristLiving in youSo that the worldCan sampleHis presence. It’s timeTo love Jesus moreThan ever before. Instead of tryingTo love myself,I seek to beLess like meAnd moreLike Jesus. If a personWill be stillAnd ponderIn the presenceOf JesusHe will … Continue reading

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Make room for Jesus to

Make room for Jesus.Unblock His wayThen go and doWhatever He may say. When there’sNo room in the inn-Er partOf your heartFor the risen JesusTo reign as King and Lord,Any Christianity expressedIs only nominal. Sermons without discipleship produce a sentimental Christianity … Continue reading

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Christ in you–let Him overflow . . .

“In Christ you have been brought to fullness.” (Colossians 2:10.) Fullness easily overflows. The slightest movement will cause a cup brimming with coffee to overflow. “Stir up the gift of God, which is in you.” “Quench not the Spirit.” Open … Continue reading

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Life goes better with Jesus

Christ in you Continually make Him welcome. Listen to and obey Him. Spend your time with Him. Fully surrender to Him who is The hope of glory Life is a round trip visit to planet earth on a tourist visa. … Continue reading

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You can’t support true Christianity with the anti-Christian behavior of BAMM: Bullying, Arrogance, Manipulation, & Meanness.

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Heart-prayer disrupts Christian complacency

Is there a prayer brewing deep within your heart? Be careful. It will stir things up if you let it freely flow out. When prayer is allowed to freely flow from the heart, as prompted by the Spirit, it’s one … Continue reading

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