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Looking beyond the Catholic priesthood

With all the reports of sexual abuse by priests, perhaps we should ask:  “Who are the real priests?”

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Religious demands or changed hearts?

Heaven’s open to all who follow Jesus. Perhaps the mic in church could be too. Christ did urge me to look beyond the clergy. (Acts 17:11) Pharisees make religious demands. The living Jesus changes human hearts! Religious rules and information without … Continue reading

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Zip Line To God

Participatory church is a zip line to God.  (So don’t sit in the tree; step out and soar in the Spirit.) “Our faith should not be in the sermon, it should be in the Holy Spirit Himself.” ~Martyn Lloyd-Jones “Being … Continue reading

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“Senior Pastors” — Meet The Senior Pastor!

Pastors, “Senior Pastors,” and all Christians:  Jesus is your Senior Pastor! One of my favorite Bible titles for the living, resurrected Jesus Christ is “Chief Shepherd.”  (See 1 Peter 5:4)  Our English word “pastor” is a translation of the Greek word … Continue reading

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Every Christ-follower is clergy & is called to be God’s minister/witness, regardless of his/her job.

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What does the contemporary American church have that the early church in the Book of Acts didn’t have? Here are some possibilities . . . Christian tradition, ministries that people named with their own name, hierarchy, money, church buildings, self-confidence, freedom, one person in control of a church, denominations, laymen, the separation of life into sacred and secular, Bible schools and seminaries, conferences, religious TV networks, televangelists, tax-free status, clergy, a high level of organization, the fear of witnessing to others. Can you think of more things that we have that the early church didn’t have?

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