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The Gospel announces God’s love, not “me to me” love

The Gospel (Good News) isn’t that you can love yourself. It’s that God so loved you that He gave His only Son . . .” Me to me love,From me to me,Stays stuck in me.Lord, help me seeAnd love bothMy … Continue reading

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Self-love & speaking in tongues

The Bible’s “love chapter” says that love isn’t boastful, proud, or self-seeking. A self-love focus seems to contradict that. Self-love can make us forget about our neighbor. That love, care, and concern you’ve been giving to yourself; give it to … Continue reading

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She couldn’t forgive herself . . .

An older woman who was in love with Jesus confessed something to me that she had been trying to forgive herself for over many decades. She wept as she told me how as a young adult, she had helped a … Continue reading

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Self-forgetfulness is powerful. Try it.

My will and God’s willAre often in conflictAnd then I must chooseWho’s will to restrict.And who’s will to pick.The more I love my will,The harder it is to say,“Not my will,But Yours be done.” Self-focusBlurs realityAnd makes me forgetThat it’s … Continue reading

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God’s love can’t hatch when we’re self-attached.

If you deny yourselfAnd let God’s love hatchDeep within your heartIt will strike a matchThat will set you ablazeIn the hazeOf this worldAnd loose the latchOf self-loveThat holds you in bondage. Ego and prideTry to hideIn the shellOf self-love. The … Continue reading

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If you didn’t already love yourself, you wouldn’t . . .

Humans love themselves but we’re not so good at loving God and our neighbors. You love yourself because if you didn’t you wouldn’t: Self-love is no stronger than we are, but God’s love is as powerful as He is. Self-love … Continue reading

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Jesus doesn’t want us to focus on “self-love” but on “neighbor-love”

I find self-focus very discouraging, but Christ-focus extremely invigorating and enlightening! If self-love doesn’t look outward and focus on loving others, it becomes like stagnant water. It needs to flow out of us, not sit in a self pit. Jesus … Continue reading

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Self-love refuses to align with God’s love

Following self-love isn’t the same thing as following God’s love. Idealism and utopia are not impossible dreams, but glimpses of how far we have fallen from the kingdom of God. To be Spirit-led is to let the living Jesus, Himself, … Continue reading

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Self-forgetting is invigorating

A mind set on self is often upset. Self-focus is a ball & chain. To be selfless is to run free. A pampered “self” is never fully satisfied. Self-forgetting is the key to happiness. Self-interest is such a tiny & … Continue reading

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